Straight male Lin Qingkun and warm male Sun Lei, if you have to choose, who will you choose to be husband?

Wen \ mu xin, Jiang Zuo Mei niang graph \ “Perfect companion” still shine on “perfect companion” quick big end, beside female compatriot people to middle-aged woman male Sun Lei good impression all lose, but also faint want such family man.To bully general Lin Qingkun, hate and like, the love and hate of human nature is not absolute ah!But if you have to choose one of them to be your husband, I think it’s better to choose Lin Qingkun, because Lin Qingkun is salty but sweet, while Sun Lei?Only sweet, not salt.Everyone knows that no one is perfect, but when it comes to life, we still need to be husbands and take responsibility for our family.Straight Lin Qingkun’s problems are also many, but compared with warm male Sun Lei, or stronger out of many times, not because I am a yan control, too like Wang Qingyao caused by, let me a ground to pull out than you compared, you will know.Lin Qingkun is willing to fight, while Sun Lei just wants to relax Lin Qingkun’s hard work, so that Wu Min does not have to worry about money.At this point, it is much better than Chen Shan worrying about Sun Lei losing his job while she is pregnant with her second child.Finally, when Chen Shan found out that Sun Lei quit his high-paying job of 2 million yuan and went to work at a family planning station without telling her, she was so angry that she had a miscarriage.Sun Lei is used to dawdling and has no professional ethics. When something happens at home, he will be distracted at work and even make mistakes on several family planning supplies.Someone say, sun lei isn’t also quite fierce originally?Yes, with that halo, we can say that Sun Lei at that time can retreat in a hurry to fulfill Chen Shan’s career, which can be regarded as a pattern, but the premise is that now you must have the strength to go up!When the wife can’t, let you top up, you have to top up ah!Although Sun Lei may have been used to a comfortable life and could not change for a while, he could not always change. From sun Lei’s repeated unemployment, you can see that Sun Lei is really not very capable, and also lacks the most basic ambition.Chen Shan paid back the 2 million yuan mortgage, bought the car and even earned the money borrowed by Sun Lei. Poor Chen Shan once felt that her success depended on her husband’s success and owed sun Lei a lot. In fact, what happened to her?In fact, Sun Lei likes to do not work, as a family husband.And the wu Min in the play, the reason why sun Lei is good, that is she did not live with such a man, and so really lived together, when even the children can not afford to pay tuition, she will know Lin Qingkun’s good.Lin Qingkun, one second and Wu Min quarrel, the next second after the phone rang, he can immediately switch the state, emotional stability to deal with the tedious work, such a man, really like a Wolf in the workplace, you follow him, always have meat to eat.And by the boss put a pigeon, he also do not give themselves depressed opportunity, rush to find the next customer, even hungry to accompany customers to play golf to pull feelings.The who dares of heart, just let wu min can enjoy the leisure thought oneself not happy, want to Lin Qingkun have put her in the eye, from the point of view of wu min, that’s just need, but the women outside the screen, can feel Wu Mintai melodramatic, a husband, eyes and no stranger, earn the money to you, give this home, you can also figure he every day around you,To provide you with emotional value. Aren’t you being greedy?As for Sun Lei, before he made any money, he dared to buy a luxury car that exceeded the family budget. He even patted his chest and asked Chen Shan to buy a flat tire, saying that he would buy it in the future.I lost $2 million worth of work in just three days. How ridiculous!For face, to contend for breath, go consuming oneself cannot bear the thing, but cannot bear the pressure that such economic status brings him however, return to deal with wife with coax later, such man, do not part company still keep New Year’s day?Venus said, “Love can be talked about without life, but not marriage. Marriage is life.”Yes, no matter how strong the woman is, she can’t tolerate the man who can’t get up. With Sun Lei, she is not tired, but her heart is more tired.Not only to clean up his mess, but also desperately trying to make money to ensure the family expenses, while carefully taking care of his self-esteem, is a headache.Women marry, not big rich big expensive, at least to ensure ease of mind, open your eyes is a pile of trouble caused by men, that is really not as good as a person!Lin Qingkun has a strong ability to solve problems and can clearly identify them.Sun Lei is too sentimental on the job, Lin Qingkun does not need Wu Min to worry about, encounter marriage problem, Lin Qingkun also does not have the confidence of pu letter men’s fans, or simply air the wife regardless of.And Wu Min because of the small sugar pill after the conflict, Lin Qingkun put the work, immediately to Buy gifts to Wu Min.Old housewife life, let Wu Min become sensitive and anxious, do not see Lin Qingkun pay and inclusive.Know Wu Min want to do a trusteeship class, Lin Qingkun mobilize resources, do a good certificate for her.I have stayed in the office, know how much trouble do a certificate, see this paragraph, quite envy Wu Min.As for Sun Lei, his subordinates made mistakes and he took the blame, but Chen Shan paid to plug the hole.After he carelessly blew up the lab, he accepted the company’s exorbitant compensation in order to save face.After Chen Shan reduced the compensation for him, he was not only ungrateful, but also blamed Chen Shan for not saving him face and wanted to divorce.When confronted with something, Sun Lei looked like a helpless child, not only without the ability to solve the problem, but also repeatedly as the scapegoat.Even if Chen Shan could make more money, she could not stop him being so happy.Wu Min abortion, roaring divorce, Lin Qingkun angrily agreed, and lost in the son, take the initiative to speak their own home.If Wu Min had half of Chen Shan’s perception, and could comfort Lin qingkun when he was feeling his heart out, and guide the man who lacked love since childhood, maybe Lin Qingkun would become better.Also encounter divorce, Lin Qingkun did not like Sun Lei in the work during the distracted.He knows how to cut his losses and get on with his work.Even when his stomach hurt so much that he doubled over, Lin qingkun didn’t think about taking a break.And Chen Shan father is in hospital, Sun Lei leaves without authorization without speaking clearly with the leadership, resulting in the work of the family planning station is also lost, so dedicated to father-in-law, Sun Lei’s realm is indeed high, but there is no need to lose the job ah, do not need to do everything!You can call a nurse!And after wu You becomes a driver to Wu Min younger sister, Sun Lei also cannot grow a wisdom, there is child only in the brain.If it were not for the expert spirit that Wu You seeks gave a problem, estimate the driver career of Sun Lei also wants cool cool.There is a saying in Divorce Lawyer that is right: “Being in love is to be in love with a person’s strengths, while being married is to be living with a person’s weaknesses.”Marrying a man with a fatal flaw is like asking for it. The sad thing is that he hasn’t seen his own problems and hasn’t changed!Minglan said, “Being with someone for several decades, you still have to see if you can stand the lowest place.”Sun Lei’s lowest point is that there is no male responsibility, which is too fatal.Sun Lei and Lin Qingkun compared, his biggest problem is: emotional.People in this world need to be emotional, but they also need to put their priorities first. You can’t be emotional and get blood in your head. If you don’t do things well, people will blame you.To tell you the truth, Chen Shan’s father was seriously ill. Chen Shan’s mother was not worried. How could it be Sun Lei’s turn?And Sun Lei and Chen Shan are in divorce period, Sun Lei visit it is ok!If he was going to help, someone had to ask him, and he wouldn’t be too late to help!No matter how busy Chen Shan is, her mother doesn’t care, she can find someone to do it!There’s no need for him to take the lead!Therefore, you can say that Sun Lei is a good person, but you should also see his problems. He takes the emotional needs of every family member as his own responsibility. Such a person really makes people think that he is not rational and has no ego.Mei Niang says zhihu has a question: Why do most women want to marry rich men?There’s a great answer at the bottom that points to the truth: “It’s important for a man to have money. It’s not the money itself, but the qualities that make him rich.”A rich man, never like Sun Lei to work as a pastime, let the family follow exhausted, drag a lifetime.And to marry a man like Lin Qingkun, the excellent qualities behind him are more precious than money itself!While providing a stable life for the family, it can also bring promotion and help to the partner, the most cost-effective!Don’t think that mention money is blasphemy love, lasting win-win relationship, can let both parties enjoy the flow of happiness.Anyway, I choose Lin Qingkun. If you choose, which one of them will be your husband?-END-

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