Sunset By Li Ying

Evening Light (Li Ying) The Windows of my cottage faced west, and I had the opportunity to feast my eyes on the enchanting evening light.Look down through the window, is a neat row of red brick tiled houses.Behind the brick house stood a row of tall poplars.Each evening, the sun slowly down the row of poplars, there is a poetic sunset.The sun was wrapped in orange, no dazzling light, standing firmly in the row of poplar tree tops, without the slightest appearance of aging.The soft light poured down, to the brick house on a layer of gorgeous golden;The roof suddenly turned into a wang glistening lake, each tile are jumping ruddy light, become sparkling general.Obviously, this caper “ripple” is the masterpiece of the setting sun satisfied.Did it not crush the calm lake?Oh, he’s as naughty as we are!With this thought, the sun slid down again.Now the sun began to blush a little;As light as gauze.After a while, the red became dark and became a shy red cloud on the little girl’s face.For a while, the lovely face gradually red, red, and finally a ripe “big pomegranate” appeared in the middle of the tree.Light with the joy of harvest from the “pomegranate” overflow out, reflecting the vigorous figure of Drilled Yang, in the sky to form a wonderful meticulous painting.The blackness of the sky gradually spread, almost enveloping the sun.The sun grew redder and redder, like a flaming fire that lit up the darkness.I looked at the fire of the setting sun, spontaneously a kind of emotion, a kind of excitement.Gradually, the setting sun moved away from my view, away, and finally disappeared completely.I knew that it had reached the other side of the earth and brought a beautiful dawn to the people there.

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