The Us media listed the players with the most total points and points per game, and only one of them broke the 1,500 mark

With the All-Star break just around the clock and the NBA regular season on hold for a few days, maybe it’s time to take a look at who the NBA’s current top scorers are in points per game and total.So, here’s a list of the players with the most points per game and total so far in the 2021-2022 season, and we’ve broken them down into tiers. Whose points per game and total have shocked you the most?Demar derozan’s top 25 players in 2021-2022 With 1,500 + points:Steph Curry, Embiid, Jokic, And Devin Booker rank 4:2021-2022 players with 1,200-plus points:Fifth tier 2021-2022 players with 1,100 + points: lebron James, Mitchell, Miles Bridges, Edwards, Zakravin, Julius Randle sixth tier 2021-2022 players with 1,000 + points:Jaylen Brown, Chris Van Vleet, Lamelo Ball, Kevin Durant, Fox, Russell Westbrook, DeJunte Murray, And Jarren Jackson are currently averaging the top 30 points per game in 2021-2022.Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, and lebron James are the second-tier players currently averaging 27.0+ points per game in 2021-2022:Jamolant, Jokic, Steph Curry, Mitchell, Tatum, Devin Booker fourth tier players currently averaging 23.5+ PPG in 2021-2022: Paul George, Zaklavin, Towns, Kyrie Irving, Lillard, Jaylen Brown Fifth tier players currently averaging 22.0+ PPG in 2021-2022:Sixth tier players currently averaging 20.5+ points per game in 2021-2022: Edwards, Siakam, Jimmy Butler, Fox, VanVleet, McCollum

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