Improve the public awareness of pesticide safety use!Panyu Dalong carried out a safety inspection of agricultural materials during spring ploughing preparations

On March 30, the agricultural and rural affairs office of Dalong Street in Panyu carried out a safety inspection of agricultural materials during spring ploughing preparation.Inspection of pesticide shops Inspection team first to shayong village farmland inspection of farmers pesticide use, and distributed to farmers banned pesticide list leaflet.Subsequently, to changsha Road area to carry out the business license of pesticide stores, pesticide sales safety inspection.After inspection, all pesticide stores are licensed to operate, pesticide fertilizer purchase and sales ledger have been input into the system, and uploaded to the Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Panyu District.No sales of pesticide products prohibited by state regulations and other illegal sales behaviors were found.Inspection team pointed out that, first, to refine the agricultural safety supervision work, clear inspection law enforcement work guidelines, compaction department work tasks, to ensure that the implementation of various work measures fall into detail.Second, we will intensify inspections, focusing on the qualifications of production and business entities, the sources of products, and the system for obtaining certificates and invoices. We will urge producers and business entities to fulfill their primary responsibility for the safety of agricultural products and strictly prevent substandard products from entering the market.The third is to strengthen the publicity and guidance, the use of radio, wechat, agricultural stores electronic display screen and other media, increase the publicity of agricultural product safety, in crowded places to arrange specialists for on-site guidance, and effectively improve the public awareness and sense of responsibility for the safe use of pesticides.Article/Photo: Panyu Rong media reporter Daniela Correspondent Huang Minrui

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