There are “big changes” in the 2022 senior high school entrance examination, adding two secondary subjects, parents have no choice: they can not learn

Guide language: The biggest education reform in 2021 can be said to be the “double reduction” policy and the secondary examination diversion system.May be the latter we have not heard a lot of, after all, there is no “double reduction” heat is high, the entrance examination diversion system is according to the 1:1 proportion of the diversion of junior high school students, half to full-time high school, half to vocational middle school and to the corresponding support policies.Doesn’t that mean full-time high schools have higher entry requirements?It was thought that under the “double reduction” everyone’s academic pressure is not so big, but once the diversion system is implemented, it will have a great impact on the students of this year.Brush off half the students by half, and the competition suddenly becomes very big!In addition, in addition to the diversion system, there are “new reforms” in the 2022 senior high school entrance examination.Because the examination belongs to the nature of the unified examination, each area according to their own regional situation is different, the relevant education departments may be in some areas to increase the reform of the examination subjects.In addition to Chinese, math, English, chemistry, physics, politics, history, and physical education, art and music will be added.Do not know this news to art specialty student, is not good news!After the news of the policy was released, it also aroused many reactions in schools and at home, which can be said to be mixed.According to the measures of educational reform, the general direction of education is indeed towards: the cultivation of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor is generally good for students, and their comprehensive quality, personal physical and artistic ability can also be improved.But to fresh graduates, they feel like “white mice”, participating in the experiment.Because for today’s students, they are used in the past that set of education model, reform means to change, but change the feeling of him is not the same, is not only the students’ parents feel anxious, even students think: why learn the exam of 8 families also not line, now two more to the test?Isn’t that 10 subjects?More do not understand the number of children’s parents, there have been eight subjects to the exam, in addition to physical education are to study in the classroom and then the examination papers.With the addition of art and music, why should children draw and sing on the spot?What kind of exam format is it?That before interest classes have skills are not advantages?Everybody’s blowing up in the crowd!The future of this class is left to “art, music”?Originally triage system is the threshold of full-time high school is too high not a few, here still did not deal with come over, there says to want to join fine arts, music to take an examination of elementary 3 all over again, children busy come over?Here to reduce the burden, there are several high pressure problems have increased the worries of students and parents, this school can solve it?Moreover, under the dual reform of diversion system and joining art examination, is it true that many students who can be promoted to full-time high school have learned art music well?What if your child starts elementary school with calligraphy instead of drawing?What if the child has no musical talent?Can only go to the vocational high school “play soy sauce”?That doesn’t seem very scientific.It is said that art training is a “money burning” project. If the children from poor families are not influenced by art, they will fall behind in this “unfair” competition, won’t they?After the promulgate of the policy, students will also be affected by the gap in their own performance in other subjects, and their final goal of entering a higher school will be deviated. Should their families bear the consequences?Never mind that art and music are often taken up by other subject teachers, schools in some areas may not even be able to offer these two arts courses.If education needs to be equitable, will that lead to greater disparities for students in these areas?What about a more obvious drop?In view of these problems, let’s take a look at the explanation given by the relevant education departments.They responded to the summary of several points: first, not all regions to increase the implementation of art tests, first pilot and then coverage.The two subjects specifically added to the test in the pilot area include both written and practical tests for comprehensive assessment.Second, when the pilot examination is carried out, the written questions are content that has appeared in the textbook.Practical operation is also the basic art assessment, the skills of students do not rise to the level of extracurricular tutoring.Three, some schools before the allocation of teachers is not reasonable or there is a gap for the topic, the superior department will actively complement and improve, to cater to the national “education reform” can let the students can achieve moral, intellectual, physical, American labor and comprehensive development.Schools and parents are relieved by the education ministry s response, but it remains to be seen how effective the reform will be.Of course, the general direction of the current education reform is to give children better education and training, both schools and parents should cooperate and support.How do you look at joining two art classes in the middle school?

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