Jinhong Gas: Demand for helium is high and supply is scarce

Set micro network news, recently, Jin Hong gas said in the investigation of the organization, the company’s 2022 revenue target of 2.7 billion based on the three-year strategy and capacity planning, including the acquisition and non-acquisition part, in 2022 expected hydrogen, dry ice, nitrous oxide, helium, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other products revenue will have a rapid growth,Other businesses will also maintain some growth.At present, China’s industrial gas market is about 180 billion yuan, and the company will achieve revenue of 1.7 billion yuan in 2021, with a market share of about 1%. There is a broad space for development.Neon, Jinhong gas said that the company has a long-term helium business plan. It used to purchase helium resources in China, but started to purchase helium resources overseas last year. Now it has independently participated in purchasing helium orders abroad and imported helium in batches from overseas.The company notes that helium supplies are tight, prices are high and margins are high.One of the company’s tanks holds about 4.5 tons of helium.The company’s helium revenue in 2021 will be more than 30 million yuan, and helium business will have good revenue and profit elasticity in 2022.Demand for helium is high, supply is scarce and margins are high.The company buys liquid helium, fills it, and supplies it to end customers.Regarding the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, Jin Hong gas said that the company mainly operates internal circulation, and the Russia-Ukraine war has improved the company’s helium business prosperity, while other aspects have no impact.In terms of hydrogen, Jinhong Gas revenue exceeded 120 million yuan in 2021.In the aspect of hydrogen preparation, the company has rapidly expanded production capacity and planned 108.6 million m3 / year hydrogen production capacity. In early 2022, solar New Energy Technology was established to research and develop hydroelectricity generation hydrogen equipment and develop green hydrogen industry.In terms of hydrogen storage and transportation, the company will cooperate with Jiaxing Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. in early 2022 to provide professional hydrogen energy logistics services based on its stable and reliable gas logistics capabilities.In terms of hydrogen energy application, based on hydrogen energy used in service vehicles, the company supplies high purity hydrogen for the internal skid loading stations of 14 hydrogen stations, and explores the application extension in the fields of hydrogen electric bicycle, hydrogen forklift, hydrogen uav and so on.It is reported that the company’s Zhangjiagang hydrogen production project adopts the tail gas recovery process, without the need for natural gas raw materials, and is expected to make a normal profit.Jinhong gas pointed out that the electronic bulk gas project is currently under construction and is expected to start contributing revenue and gradually increase in 2022.Regarding the previous two large orders, Jinhong Gas believes that the signing of these two orders is of great significance. On the one hand, it proves the company’s comprehensive competitiveness in the service semiconductor industry, and the company’s project, technology, business and other capabilities have been recognized by the leading customers.On the other hand, the company’s electronic bulk carrier gas business and electronic special gas business have linkage, which will also facilitate the company’s future introduction of electronic special gas products in the client.It is reported that in 2021, the average increase of jinhong’s oxygen, nitrogen and argon gas is more than 20%, and the average increase of ultra-pure ammonia is more than 50%.The decrease of specialty gases is mainly due to the change of sales structure. Hydrogen and dry ice with low average unit price increased rapidly, thus driving down the average selling price of specialty gases.(Proofreading /Arden)

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