Ma on Shan Latest Bulletin: two transmission chains found

On the morning of March 15, the Information Office of Maanshan Municipal Government held a press conference to update the city on COVID-19 prevention and control.According to reports, at noon on March 13, Ma ‘anshan city received a letter of assistance from other provinces, a positive case has to Ma ‘anshan City dangtu County Huangchi town activity track.After receiving the report, the city immediately launched an emergency response and promptly carried out the disposal work.Zheng Zhajie, Secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee, Wang Qingxian, Governor of the provincial government, and Liu Hui, Executive Vice governor of the provincial government made important instructions respectively. Li Bifang, deputy Secretary-General, led the provincial expert group to Dangtu County for guidance as soon as possible.As of 6 o ‘clock this morning, 10 positive cases have been detected in the city, with one confirmed (mild, in Dangtu County’s Huangchi Town) and nine asymptomatic infections (six in Dangtu county and three in Huashan District).Preliminary epidemiological investigation shows that there are two transmission chains in the city at present. Seven people in Dangtu County and two people in Huashan District are in the same transmission chain, and the transmission chain of another person in Huashan District is associated with a construction site in Changzhou.At present, the city has taken measures: one is to quickly start the emergency response.Rushed to Huangchi town at the first time, on-site command and disposal.After the initial screening found positive, at 8 o ‘clock in the evening, the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government led a team to Dangtu County, held a special meeting of the chamber of Commerce, conveyed the spirit of learning from provincial leaders, in accordance with the requirements of “fast, accurate and ruthless”, further deployment of the city’s epidemic prevention and control work.Set up special field disposal work team, and by municipal party committee, municipal government is mainly responsible for comrades, group leader, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government in charge of the contact and the reconsideration office, flat management, consists of a comprehensive office and 13 special working group, each group led by CPC municipal committee and municipal government is responsible for the comrades, race against time, accomplish overnight implementation, not for the night.The second is to immediately carry out traceability of flow regulation.The provincial epidemic Prevention and control Office dispatched more than 50 provincial epidemic control experts to set up 10 joint epidemic control teams with a total of more than 230 people, working day and night to carry out epidemic investigation.As of 6 o ‘clock this morning, 464 people have been investigated for local secret connections, including 1087 people for secondary secret connections. All of them have implemented control measures.39 people in the field, 15 people in the secondary, all issued letters of assistance.Twenty isolation points and 1903 isolation rooms have been put into use.Third, strictly implement control measures.The city issued a circular on strengthening epidemic prevention and control, upgrading control measures.A total of 11 closed control areas have been demarcated, including 7 Huangchi Town of Dangtu County (Sunjia Natural Village of Shangxing administrative Village, Qianjin Natural Village, Eryan Group of Fuguang Administrative Village, Daqiao Natural Village of Sanhe administrative village, Qiqiao Natural Village of Qiqiao administrative Village, Agricultural trade Market of Huangchi Town, Zhongrun Supermarket),4 in Huashan District (Building 8, No.4 Village of Pearl Garden, Building 1, Shengshi Huafu, Yayuan Construction site of Zhongliang Lake, Building 115, Hongqi North Road);There are 3 control areas, including 1 in Dangtu County (outside the closed control area of Huangchi Town) and 2 in Huashan District (4 Villages of Pearl Garden and Shengshi Huafu Community);Prevention area for Dangtu county and Huashan district.In the containment area, “regional closure, stay at home, door-to-door service” will be implemented, and special personnel will be arranged to patrol and ensure life services.Fourth, rapid regional testing.The provincial epidemic prevention and control office mobilized daily 80,000 mobile detection force, more than 200 detection personnel to support the city.As of 6 am today, 23,941 people have been sampled in Huangchi Town (the first round of sampling has been completed) and the results are all negative.From 7:30 am on March 14 to 6 am this morning, regional nucleic acid testing was carried out in Dangtu County, Huashan, Yushan, Bowang, Shijingkai and Cihu High-tech Zone. A total of 126,515 people were collected at 657 sampling sites, basically completing the first round of sampling. All positive cases have been detected through close connection control.As of 6 am this morning, according to expert consultations, of the 10 positive cases found in Ma ‘anshan, one is confirmed to be a mild case and nine asymptomatic cases.Among them, 7 were male and 3 were female.In accordance with the principle of “four concentrations”, all of them have been transferred to the designated medical institution – the Fourth People’s Hospital of The City for diagnosis and treatment.With province WeiJianWei support, timely by commission set up by the eight provinces, city medical treatment expert group of experts, in-depth development of cases and asymptomatic infections were treated with consultation, adhere to the “one strategy, collaborative” Chinese and western medicine, and treatment plan making, to antivirus, immune regulation and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, the synchronization of psychological intervention, to medical treatment,At present, 10 patients have no abnormal lung CT, and are in stable and good condition.Since March 13, there have been 3 positive nucleic acid tests, among which 2 cases were found to be connected or associated by screening with the aid letter, and 1 case was found by active screening. Besides, 56 people in close contact and 148 people in secondary contact have been identified through flow investigation, among which 44 people in close contact and 125 people in secondary contact have been isolated and transported in place.At present, there are 4 containment areas, 2 control areas and 1 prevention area.Strictly implement “area closed, stay at home, door-to-door service” in the closed control area, “people do not leave the area, strictly prohibit gathering” in the control area, “strengthen social meeting control, strictly restrict people gathering” in the prevention area.In addition, a total of 387 people are being quarantined at isolation sites.189 sampling units and 482 sampling personnel were set up to carry out nucleic acid testing for all personnel.As of 24:00 on March 14, 458 people have been sampled in the containment area, 1790 people in the control area and 409,076 people in the prevention area. All the test results have been negative.March 13, after receiving the letter of assistance, Ma ‘anshan Dangtu County quickly started emergency plan, activation of the working mechanism.First, we should immediately carry out traceability for flow regulation.Professional teams have been organized to screen close contacts and sub-close contacts one by one, and quarantine control and nucleic acid screening have been carried out in accordance with regulations. As of 18:00 On March 14, a total of 7 positive cases have been detected in The county, 1 case has been diagnosed as mild disease and 6 cases have no symptoms of infection.A total of 384 people were investigated, including 350 local people and 34 non-local people (all have sent letters for assistance).Investigation of 813 people, including 797 local people, 14 people from other places (all have sent letters for assistance).A total of 9 isolation hotels have been put into use, and 844 people have been isolated, including 344 people who are closely connected and 500 people who are closely connected. The rest of them are being transferred.Second, strictly implement control measures.Containment management should be carried out at the first time for the places where the positive cases went and their tracks stayed.Eight traffic control checkpoints have been set up, and a grid guarantee management mechanism has been established to implement “regional closure, vehicle prohibition, staying indoors and door-to-door service”.At present, 7 containment areas and 1 control area have been set up.Closed places such as entertainment places and bath centers in the closed control area will be suspended. Online teaching will be carried out in schools, and in-room meals will be prohibited in catering places. Special inspections will be carried out to strictly implement various closed control measures.Third, the organization of nucleic acid testing.In strict compliance with the requirements of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, nucleic acid tests were carried out on all residents in the controlled areas. In the first round, 23,941 people were sampled and tested, and all the results were negative.Since the morning of March 14, nucleic acid testing has been carried out for all staff in the county, with a total of 210 sampling sites and 1,096 sampling personnel. A total of 323,200 people have been sampled as of March 14.The second round of nucleic acid testing has been conducted in huangchi Town, the controlled area, since 17pm on May 14.Comprehensive: Market Star, Anhui finance and Economics network, palm Anhui source: Anhui Broadcasting and Television station

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