China ping held gender confrontation again!Sun Yingsha against Wang Chuqin does not fall, Xiao zhan personally supervised the war

On February 11th, Beijing time, after the New Year holiday, the main players of China Ping have returned to prepare for training and the following International Table Tennis Open.Today, the International Table Tennis Federation announced the latest news of China Table Tennis training, China Table tennis coaching staff held a gender war again, in the video, the little devil Sun Yingsha fought Wang Chuqin.As is known to all, Liu Guoliang’s coaching team has always been keen on holding gender competition, in which players use forms such as letting the ball and chasing scores to strengthen the competition between main players.Gender competition can also improve the intensity of the women’s team and test the pressure of the men’s main players.Today, the International Table Tennis Federation announces the latest news, sharing the latest gender competition of China Table tennis.In the video, sun Yingsha, the little devil, fought against the world champion Wang Chuqin. As we all know, both of them are the best in the new generation of China table tennis, and even seem to have become the leading figure in China table tennis.Sun Yingsha wearing orange short-sleeve, Wang Chuqin wearing green short-sleeve, the two clap each other, falling point, strength confrontation, Sun Yingsha did not fall the wind.In the latest world rankings, Sun Yingsha has been ranked no. 1.Has successfully surpassed Olympic champion Chen Meng, pressure ITO Mimato, Wang Manyu, Wang Yidi and other famous players.However, sun Yingsha lost to veteran Liu Shiwen in the recently concluded Championship in Macau, China, and failed to reach the women’s singles final.Sun Yingsha’s coach Huang Haicheng has resigned, and Chen Qi, who took over recently, is also known to return to the provincial team. At present, Sun Yingsha is still in charge of the coach.It is worth mentioning that the country ping coach Xiao Zhan personally supervised sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin’s competition.Wang Chuqin has made remarkable progress in stability. In the recent Macau Championship, Wang Chuqin beat Xue Fei, Olympic champion Ma Long, veteran Xu Xin and world champion Xu Xin to win the title successfully.Wang Chuqin has shown the curve overtaking, grab class power.Next, China ping main players focus on preparing for Oman Open, as well as the first WTT Singapore Grand Slam.Especially the latter Singapore Grand Slam competition, the main force of all the table tennis.Sun Yingsha is still the top seed in women’s singles, Chen Meng is the second seed, in addition to Chen Xingtong, Wang Yidi, Liu Shiwen, Wang Manyu and other main players.Japanese general ITO Mei Cheng, Hayata Hina, Ishikawa Kajuni and other players are also participating.

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