Cross Fire: The last battle of the year ended perfectly!All hands on deck to beat BS 2-1!

In the evening of January 23, the CFPLS19 regular season AG and BS first round showdown, this game because it is the CFS2021 world Finals champion and runner-up showdown again, and the recent several big finals are “AB two team war”, so there are full of interesting.In terms of line-up, AG is still the champion line-up of CFPLS17 and NEST with four nuclear Rifle + Mung Bean. In contrast, BS once again adjusted its line-up to make a breakthrough, which also increased a lot of uncertainty and was dubbed “CF Spring Festival Gala” by many CFer.In the end, AGPS managed to beat its opponents 2-1, ending its 19-year journey with a record of four wins and one loss.At present, AG ranks the second in the regular season, but we still have many problems to solve and strive to improve our performance in the next year’s competition.After BAN/PICK on the map, we chose Hawkeye in the first picture, expecting to find problems in the game by playing against the top teams.In the second picture, our opponent chose TD, and planned to have a fast battle with us and a hearty feast of steel guns.The final map is a random map of exotic town, and exotic Town has a lot of stories.In 2021, AG’s Alien Town lost almost every game except BS in the World Finals, which was the only map AG lost points in the World stage.If you are a CFer who often watches the game, as long as you look at the sequence of the map, you will know that this will be another full-strength battle.The first picture eagle eye, we take the lead as the lurker, on the first of Europe Europe naked AK breakthrough can be invincible, bar god soldier down single game breakthrough four kill, all kinds of shaking the rhythm of the opponent upset, after we repeatedly against B zone score.At the same time, the other team’s young players were in good form and we gave away a couple of disappointing games to take a 5-4 lead into the second half.After serving as the defender, we established the conventional defense, adopting the tactics of bar favorite front point, Ou Ou sniper back point, Jiawei, Mung bean double A, Even in the middle with bar bridge.Our bar defense was badly targeted because we played by default.Bar stairs of Europe always eat full white can not help the front point of the beloved, and beloved was clear after a Sniper in Europe in the stairs also do not have too good way, opponents repeatedly score.After calling a timeout, we made a tactical change, but it was too late, Ou’s shooting was slipping a little bit and we ended up losing 10-7 in the first game, 1-0 down.In the second chart, TD, both sides have banned Magic and M4. Our gun choices are Even using QBZ, Jia Wei using White Tiger, Mung Dou using Verdict, Ou Ou using AK and 98K- Star God to play mobile positions, while the opponent chooses double QBZ+ double 9A91+ verdict.First, we choose the main road to fight, the overall AG marksmanship, the main road firmly control, the score is ahead.The opposition were forced to switch to the side, a couple of steals broke our rhythm and started to dominate the middle court after gaining the advantage.We choose the main road to continue to give pressure, Europe Europe back and forth switch 98K and AK pressure home, forcing opponents to shrink the defense space, mung bean main road side bridge personal ability rack hall.After the score is exceeded, the other side is helpless can only hit a wave of anti – clear, but mung bean, favourite individual ability began to break out, the opponent’s several waves of anti – clear main road were brushed back, the score is big.At this time, Even and Jiawei also began to counter-attack, continuously clear the enemy forces in The Milian and vice face control point, at the same time, Mung dou again power, continuous screen brushing the opponent helpless.Eventually we turned our marksmanship advantage into a win and opened up the gap again, beating them 149-124 for a 1-1 draw.In the last map of alien town, we were the first defenders, mung always finished the first kill in the beginning, our defense was solid, 3-0 lead, BS called a timeout.After a time out, the enemy’s attack was very effective. They attacked zone B for many times and the score was 3-4 at one time. Soon we stabilized our mind and took two points in a row to take a 5-4 advantage into the second half.After serving as the aggressors, pet and Jia Wei in the key game broke out in consecutive personal ability. Pet Tianxiu ended the game 1V2, jia Wei Qinwang around the pillar police 1V4, and we took the lead to match point 9-7.The point went to fast break zone B, but was recharged and the score was 9-8.For the last minute, we decided to target zone A of the N9 with A direct blast.Although the other side was heavily defended in Zone A, our marksmanship was more dominant, and heads were exchanged to form A three-to-two ending game. Finally, we won the game firmly.Match, although the years ago, AG, with four wins for a negative record came second in the regular season, but still in the game has exposed many problems, such as green beans use magic god the status of the ups and downs, such as the eagle eye the picture of the defense bar, etc., are looking forward to you can pass this holiday adjustment, to meet the challenge of the playoffs with the attitude of fuller!Finally, all members of AG wish CFer a happy New Year and a happy Year of the Tiger!China’s leading e-sports enabling comprehensive service platform was founded on July 1, 2017, is the domestic high-quality e-sports new marketing solution provider;Through brand IP event services, live broadcast and delivery services, one-stop event planning and execution services, and brand publicity and promotion services, we can quickly build online and offline game interactive marketing scenes between brands and users for the majority of brand partners, promote brand promotion, attract new, activate, transform index, and deeply help brand optimization decisions.# esports # Event operation # Marketing # Live streaming #

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