Folk tale: a merchant seduces another man’s beautiful wife, but his own beautiful wife goes to another man

During the Wanli Reign of the Ming Dynasty, there lived a handsome young merchant named Zhang Yulang in Hangzhou, and his wife, Wang Meiniang, was also very beautiful.His family was also very wealthy, living in a small building along the street.One day, he prepared to go out for business, and bought two maidservants for his wife as companions. He asked his wife not to go downstairs or go out casually, in case she was seduced by frivolous men.His wife, Wang Meiniang, agreed.But this time he went out, out shopping delayed, half a year did not come home.His wife, Wang Meiniang, was so anxious that she stood in front of the window and watched the passers-by every day, hoping for his early return.One day, Wang Mei-niang was looking out of the window and saw a man who looked just like her husband, Zhang Yulang. She was so happy that she did a double take, thinking that her husband had come back.The man downstairs also looked up at her, and their eyes caught each other. When Wang Meiniang realized that the man was not her husband, she blushed and hurriedly closed the window and returned to her room.But in the evening, an old woman knocked at the door, claiming to be Mrs. Liu from the neighborhood.Wang Mei-niang opened the door for Mrs. Liu.This liu Po is this street famous matchmaker, Liu Po and Wang Mei niang began to chatter, chatter to chatter, talk to the point.It turned out that Matchmaker Liu was a peacemaker. A stranger saw Her beauty and wanted to have a tryout with her. So he gave matchmaker Liu one or two pieces of silver and let her make a match.Matchmaker Liu said, “Your husband is away all the year round. You are lonely at home. Why should you suffer from yourself?”The official, who is very handsome and rich, has promised to give you a hundred taels of silver when the job is done.Wang Meiniang was young and could not bear matchmaker Liu’s flirtation, so she agreed.In the evening of the next day, Matchmaker Liu took the stranger to Wang Mei-niang’s house. The stranger made love to Wang Mei-niang all night and left the next day.Wang2 mei3 niang thought this matter is invisible, also won’t be known by the person, anyway is a stranger, also won’t pester oneself.Ten days later, Zhang Yulang, the husband of Wang Mei-niang, returned home, only to find that the ancestral pearl gown was missing. He became suspicious and secretly asked the two maids what outsiders had been to his house.The two maids told this story, saying that a few days ago an old woman came to our house with a young man, and spent the night with the maiden.Zhang Yulang was cuckolded by his wife Wang Mei niang, very angry.However, he did not want to embarrass his wife, Wang Meiniang, so he wrote a letter of divorce and sent her back to her mother’s family under the name of infertility. He also let his wife Wang Meiniang take away her original dowry.Many people say that Zhang Yulang is really confused and heartless. He has been married to Wang Meiniang for just over a year. How can he say that Wang Meiniang will not have children?Zhang Yulang has a bitter say, also cannot defend for oneself.If he told his wife Wang Mei niang and a stranger’s affair, his wife Wang Mei niang could not stand on the world, let alone remarry.Half a year later, Zhang Yulang married again, married a foreign woman.During zhang Yulang’s business trip, he heard the cry of a woman and learned that this woman was young and lost her husband. His father-in-law scolded her as a star of Kefu and always beat and cursed her. He also wanted to sell her.Out of compassion, Zhang Yulang spent money to marry the woman.The woman, zhou Xiuniang, was extremely pretty and gentle, and had never had children with her first husband.Zhang Yulang married Zhou Xiuniang and took her back to his hometown.Zhou was a good housekeeper. She became pregnant within a few months of their marriage and gave birth to a son to Zhang Yulang in October.Zhou Xiuniang was very happy to have a son. She took out something and put it on her son.When Zhang Yulang saw that it was the pearl sweater handed down from his family, he was greatly surprised and asked Zhou Xiuniang what was going on. Zhou Xiuniang said that my dishonored dead husband had brought it back from other places and that he had bought it for me as a gift.Zhang Yulang understood that Zhou Xiu niang’s dead husband was a stranger who had an affair with his ex-wife Wang Mei Niang.The stranger stole it and gave it to his wife as a present.Zhang Yulang thought to himself, that stranger does not speak morality, hooked up with my ex-wife, but he died of illness, his wife has returned to me, it seems that karma is really so.Zhang Yulang was very happy with his beautiful wife and son.Then he went out to business, but because of business was blackmailed, only to the county government.Did not think the other party is really cunning, he lost the lawsuit, but also be hit board.At this time, the magistrate’s concubine ran out to stop him from hitting him, and cried bitterly with him. The magistrate’s concubine was Wang Meiniang.The magistrate asked his concubine what had happened, and Wang mei-niang told her everything.The magistrate said, “Your ex-husband has love and righteousness for you, and you never forget him, and you didn’t give me children, so I’ll give you back to him.”Wang Mei niang was very happy, but Zhang Yulang was in trouble. He already had a wife at home. What should he do?Wang Mei niang said, “I have wronged you before, so NOW I am willing to be your concubine.So Zhang Yulang took Wang Mei niang back home and told his wife Zhou Xiu Niang about it.Zhou xiuniang is very virtuous and accommodates Wang Meiniang.Harem harmony from now on, a family of four ease of life.Wang2 mei2 niang also behaved behaved, did not have the affair of cheating again.Reference: Ancient and Modern Novels

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