Red diplomats whom Chairman MAO met three times: protecting the five-star red flag from thousands of thugs with their bare hands

Introduction in the 1970s, Chairman MAO once met a diplomat named Zhao Xiaosou three times, which made the red diplomat known to the whole country. People praised zhao Xiaosou’s heroic behavior of protecting the five-star red flag without fear in the face of thousands of thugs with his bare hands.In the face of Chairman MAO’s earnest teachings and expectations, Zhao Xiaoshou was very excited. He repeatedly said that he would stick to his post, make persistent efforts to win glory for the country, and protect the motherland and the people with practical actions.In times of peace, the dignity of the motherland is still inseparable from the guardian of heroes.So, who is Zhao Xiaoshou?How come he was personally received three times by Chairman MAO?It all started back in the 1960s.At that time, the Indonesian people’s life was greatly affected by the brutal fighting between the various factions in the country which were deeply divided.The upheavals were profound, with the country’s social order paralysed, its economy stagnating and its people suffering.Instigated and supported by the imperialists, saboteurs with malicious intentions took the opportunity to attack our embassy, causing a very bad effect.After the embassy was attacked by bandits, all the embassy staff intervened to stop it.During the conflict, a male bandit brazenly climbed up the flagpole inside the embassy and pulled down our national flag!!What he did next infuriated Zhao — the curly-haired man smiled and took out a lighter and tried to light the national flag!Blood rushed to Zhao Xiaoshou’s brain, anger ignited his young chest!Tall and long-legged, he rushed out of the crowd with a roar, and in the blink of an eye he was in front of the mob, where he threw a furious punch that blindsided him and stunned him for a moment.Zhao Xiaoshou seized the red flag, a stuffed into the arms.At this time, the other two companions also rushed up to protect Zhao Xiaoshou.In the subsequent confrontation, Zhao was heroically wounded (stabbed and shot), but he did not back down, fighting with his colleagues until the bandits backed down.When the country was insulted by bandits, Zhao Xiaoshou did not consider his own safety, he stood up bravely to fight the enemy’s behavior touched many people.Zhao xiaoshou and other staff members have protected the embassy with one heart and one mind. With courage and practical actions, they have prevented further damage from the rioters and safeguarded the dignity of the motherland.Early in 1966, as the internal situation in Indonesia had become very serious, the Chinese ambassador to that country asked Premier Zhou for instructions and proposed to withdraw our staff.In April, we withdrew our ambassador from the country.Unexpectedly, the country’s rioters, led by anti-regime forces, were so arrogant that they could do whatever they wanted.On the morning of April 15, 1966, more than 1,000 thugs in dozens of trucks surrounded our embassy in Indonesia and frantically attacked the iron gate of the embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia.In order to gain access to the compound, the criminals began ramming trucks against the gate.They threw ignited petrol bottles into the embassy compound and shouted defiance in public outside.Some rioters tried to climb over the wall and jumped into the courtyard to destroy buildings and beat people.Diplomatic rules forbid our attache to fire his weapon.At that moment, all the embassy staff did not flinch. They organized a human wall in the courtyard, determined to keep out the unreasonable mob.However, there were only a few dozen of us on our side, and it was hard to protect ourselves from the inhuman and irrational mob.There was a violent physical altercation between the embassy staff and the rioters.Soon more rioters climbed over the wall and entered the compound.Some of the rioters broke through a wall of embassy staff and entered the building by damaging doors and Windows on the ground floor.The robbers took all the property they found, smashed and damaged the furniture in the house and threw it about.All of us in the embassy knew that we had to stand together, first not to lose the dignity of our country, and second to protect our lives.By this time, some embassy staff had been injured as they tried to stop the mob.We did not have time to deal with the wound, the more let a person tit for tat scene suddenly appeared!A burly, curly-haired man climbed up the flagpole and pulled down the flag!The thug grinned and pulled out a lighter and tried to burn the flag!Zhao Xiaoshou, a worried embassy staff member, saw the scene with red eyes.Blood rushed to Zhao Xiaoshou’s brain, anger ignited his chest!Tall and long-legged, he rushed out of the crowd with a roar, and in the blink of an eye he was in front of the mob, where he threw a furious punch that blindsided him and stunned him for a moment.Zhao Xiaoshou seized the red flag, a stuffed into the arms.At this time, the other two companions also rushed up to protect Zhao Xiaoshou.Zhao Xiaoshou is tall and horseheaded, under the angry hand, that thug’s nose fracture, nosebleed immediately burst out.Other thugs saw the partner was beaten, have brandished the knife and stick siege Zhao Xiaosou several people.Pictures from the network flag almost destroyed, has hit the bottom line of zhao Xiaoshou several people!They put up a good fight with the mob.Chaos, Zhao Xiaoshou was stabbed by a thug, blood quickly dyed red coat.This mob has been aroused fierce, they did not give up the siege of zhao Xiaoshou several people.Zhao Xiaoshou has many years of martial arts foundation, skill is very agile.He opened his eyes angrily, with one against four, vigorously swinging his iron fist, but for a time he did not fall wind.Suddenly, a shot rang out.See zhao Xiaoshou body suddenly a quiver, right chest opened a blood flower.Zhao Xiaoshou tried to keep his pace from falling to the ground and glared at the robber who had suddenly fired.So far, Zhao Xiaoshou suffered two serious injuries, the situation is very dangerous!Is on the side of the mob when xin Ren saw Zhao Xiaosou was shot, the in the mind is very worried, rushed up to protect the brave young man.When xinren came to support, to help Zhao Xiaoshou blocked most of the attack.The shixinren is not an ordinary person, he has been in the anti-japanese battlefield bravely killed several enemy, more dangerous than today’s situation is not less experience.When the heart in front of the top fight back, Zhao Xiaoshou is responsible for protecting the arms of the flag.However, too many thugs, when the heart benevolence injury is not light.He was hit in the back with an iron bar, stabbed in the thigh, and almost missed the pole he was holding.Two more thugs closed in with knives.Zhao Xiaoshou saw xinren in danger, Shouting: “old, you go quickly, leave me!”When the heart is also very worried, but he will not buy Zhao Xiaoshou in disregard.Shi Xinren Zhao Xiaoshou was 27 years old and had not married yet.In this dangerous busy time, when the heart suddenly saw a fire hydrant on the lawn in the hospital, a quick wit, have a way!When the heart benevolence a few quick steps rushed past, exhausted the strength of the whole body, will be in the hands of the steel pipe to hit the fire hydrant.After three vigorous blows, the fire hydrant finally burst and water began to shoot out in all directions.For a moment, the mob that had gathered around scattered for cover.When the heart kernel did not disintegrate the mouth of the tiger, rushed past to help up zhao Xiaoshou ran on the ground.Under the command of the embassy charge d ‘affaires Yao Shan, Zhao Xiaoshou and other injured more serious several people were arranged to the backyard treatment.The mob smashed it, robbed it, and quickly left.The destruction went on for three hours.The embassy suffered heavy losses, in addition to Zhao, Shi two people, there are still many injured, indoor communication facilities, furniture furnishings were destroyed, property was looted.Fortunately, the national flag was not damaged under the protection of zhao Xiaoshou, and the dignity of the motherland was not trampled on.After a week of treatment, Zhao xiaoshou and others flew back to Beijing.Marshal Chen Yi, Vice Premier of The State Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, went to the hospital to visit zhao.Vice Premier Chen said comrade Zhao Xiaoshou has stood the test and is an example for everyone to follow.Zhao Xiaoshou was very excited to answer, thank the party and Chairman MAO, MY injury recovered immediately back to the post.Vice Premier Chen Yi said, “Comrade Xiao Zhao was wounded, but we won, the imperialists lost, they have been blamed by people all over the world…”‘We have the Party behind us, Chairman MAO and the broad masses of the people to rely on, and we are not afraid of anything,’ said Zhao.Vice Premier Chen hoped that Comrade Zhao Xiaoshou would recover well and be prepared to undergo more and more severe tests in the future.At the time of condolence, Vice Premier Chen recited a poem of condolence to anti-imperialist comrade Zhao Xiaoshou, which he had written himself.Domestic media have reported on zhao and others.The heroic actions of Zhao Xiaosou and other embassy staff in safeguarding the dignity of the motherland were quickly praised by the Chinese people.Chairman MAO met with shi Xinren, Zhao Xiaoshou and other staff members of the Indonesian Embassy on three occasions and gave them high praise.That year National Day celebration, Zhao Xiaoshou and others were invited to attend the National Day viewing ceremony.Located in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic nation. Its capital is Jakarta.In ancient times it was called the Kingdom of Java, and it was also called the kingdom of Java, with roughly the same borders as today.In the 15th century, Portugal, Spain and Britain invaded the area successively.In 1596, the Dutch invaded the region and six years later established the East India Company, which was established as a colonial government in 1799.The country declared its independence on 17 August 1945 and became the Republic of Indonesia.After independence, three wars of independence were launched to resist British and Dutch invasion.It has a large population, the fourth largest in the world, with more than half of its population under the age of 30, so it enjoys a big demographic dividend and its Labour force is relatively competitive.The country is a presidential republic and has undergone dramatic changes since the middle of the last century.Since 1975, only three political parties have been allowed to exist. The party ban was lifted in 1998, and the new Political Party Law was implemented in 1999.It is a developing country with agriculture as its backbone.After taking office in 2004, Yudhoyono brought political stability and economic recovery to the country.Trade between the two countries has grown rapidly in the last decade.The majority of its people follow Islam and it has the largest Muslim population in the country.The two countries established diplomatic relations in 1950.Over the next four decades, the relationship between the two countries has waxed and waned.Bilateral relations have developed rapidly in recent years.The history of China-Us relations is like a prism, which from some angles reflects the changes in the international landscape over the past century.In 1900, under the pretext of suppressing the Boxer Rebellion, the eight-power allied forces wantonly carved up and plundered the Great Qing.During this period, the people suffered from the bullying of western powers.After the Outbreak of the Pacific War, China and the United States formed an anti-fascist alliance.The cooperation between the two countries was very successful in the Pacific War, which shows that the relationship between the two countries plays an important role in maintaining regional and world peace.The big powers never wish to see other countries develop rapidly, they always add more interference and obstruction secretly.Japan surrendered at the end of World War II.The US is a country that has always wanted to be the world’s policeman and control other countries for its own use, as evidenced by its blatant invasion of North Korea.In the 1950s, we won a great victory in resisting the United States and aiding Korea.Imperialism means being tough and cracking down on it.After taking office, Nixon began to gradually change his attitude towards China in order to extrude himself from the quagmire of the Vietnam War and deal with the expansion of the Soviet Union.Nixon visited China in 1972.Relations were normalized in 1979, the same year Deng Visited the United States.Nixon’s visit to China In the 1980s, as China continued to open up to the outside world, the exchanges between the two countries in various fields became more frequent.In 1989, the United States announced economic sanctions against China.After Clinton took office in 1993, he linked the human rights issue with the most-favored-nation treatment of China, which caused the relations between the two sides to deteriorate sharply.Cooperation is always better than disagreement between two great powers.In late 1993, relations began to warm.The two leaders met on the sidelines of the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting that year.In the same year, the two countries resumed the exchange of visits, which had been suspended for more than three years.The United States announced that it would de-link human rights issues from most-favored-nation treatment.After Clinton’s re-election in 1996, the two governments decided to have an official exchange of visits.Former US President Bill Clinton’s visit to China in June 1998 was the first time he explicitly and publicly committed to the “three No’s” policy towards Taiwan.Looking back over the past 100 years, the development of bilateral relations has been tortuous.During the Cold War, the relations between the two countries gradually moved from hostile stalemate to normalization.In the early, middle and late 1990s, Sino-US relations experienced three major twists and turns respectively.This period of nearly 50 years development course gives everyone the important enlightenment: our country increasingly independent in politics, economic rapid development, rising international status, the strategic role of greatly enhanced in the relations between big powers, this is the relationship between turning the important reason, and clearly provides the reform and opening up is conducive to the good opportunity of development.There are many common interests between the two sides. To maintain friendly cooperation and common development not only benefits the people, but also contributes to the stability, peace and prosperity of the neighboring region and the world at large.04 Conclusion I deeply feel: our happy life today is not easy.It is with thousands of thousands of zhao Xiaoshou such patriots in silently guarding peace, just have our quiet and beautiful life.Hats off to them!We should work hard, even if in an ordinary post, to make their own contribution to the prosperity and strength of the motherland!Baidu Encyclopedia Indonesia Wang Tianxi on Sino-US Relations yunnan People’s Publishing House published 2013-6-1 CnKI Comrade Chen Yi on behalf of the CPC Central Committee, Chairman MAO and The State Council visit Comrade Zhao Xiaoshou CNKI condolences anti-imperialism fighter – Comrade Zhao Xiaoshou

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