The Beijing Winter Olympics are here!Qinghai athletes watch and discuss the opening ceremony

February 4, 2022 is a good day, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year and the start of spring. It is also the opening day of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.At 20 o ‘clock in the evening, the opening ceremony of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), which was filled with brilliant stars. It was a grand event attracting worldwide attention and a historic event worth remembering for the world.On the day of the start of spring, it is exactly the time of recovery, the bird’s nest is full of joy and joy, and everyone is cheering for the feast together. The color of life is floating on the stage, and the grand program brings vitality to the cold winter.The interpretation of each program directly touches the heart of the audience, which contains Chinese culture and demonstrates our cultural confidence.Fourteen years later, the five rings were raised again, symbolizing the process of “breaking the ice.”The national flag of the People’s Republic of China floated above the Bird’s Nest as tens of thousands of people played and sang the national anthem.”The moment I saw the opening ceremony, MY defense was broken,” many viewers who watched the ceremony live at home wrote online.”Our Chinese aesthetic is the atmosphere.””The opening ceremony was fantastic.”…That night, qinghai old athletes Kong Qingliang family sitting in front of the TV, watching the opening ceremony, from time to time for the athletes applaud, especially when the Chinese athletes appear, Kong Qingliang’s applause is more enthusiastic.”I have been looking forward to this grand opening ceremony for a long time,” he said. “As an old athlete, I sincerely hope that the athletes will carry forward the Olympic spirit on the field, continue to blaze new trails and scale new heights, and spread the spirit of sports in the world of snow and ice.”At 20 PM in Huzhu County, Qinghai Province, Liu Zhiqiang sat his child in front of the TV early to watch the opening ceremony with his family.Liu Zhiqiang, a former wrestler who is now a journalist, loves sports so much that whenever China hosts major sports events, he watches them on TV or online.He said, “As an old athlete, I am always cheering for the Chinese athletes. I hope they will achieve good results in this Winter Olympics.”The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games that night for the people of Qinghai, the biggest bright spot is in the opening ceremony of the preheating program, sounded by the yushu Prefecture Nangqian county young musicians created Tibetan music.”It was so nice and exciting to hear the music of our nation at the Beijing Winter Olympics. As an old wrestler, I cheered for the athletes on the grassland and shouted for them.”Haibei state Haiyan county wrestler Gabu Zangbenmu said.49 essential cloth editions of wood, is a Tibetan wrestler, participated in the entire province wrestling, grazing on the grassland, since he was a child grow up along with the people around you to practice “north ga”, may be his innate wrestling “talent”, and he often his own ideas wrestling action, at the age of 15, he was held in the village of “north ga” in the game.”We people on the prairie love wrestling. I’ve been wrestling since I was a kid.””Said Garbu Zangbenmu.In 2016, He set up a training base for the Haiyan County Wrestling Association in his hometown, offering free training to people who love wrestling in his hometown.After the opening of the wrestling center, young people in the neighborhood came to train, and he became more and more busy. “I had to graze cattle and train beiga for children, and I couldn’t fall behind in my own training.””Said Garbu Zangbenmu.Now, he is also the coach of more than 20 children, watching the children like wrestling, standing in the “North Ga” competition to win the place, he thinks all the hard work is worth it.As the Beijing Winter Olympics officially kicked off, he said he would sit in front of the TV every day to watch the games, and would also bless athletes through the Internet.”The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was so spectacular that I watched it from beginning to end without batting an eye. I wish the great motherland better and better.”Travel with the world through ice and snow.2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games forward, together to the future!We are all dream pursuers, when the center of the stage slowly rise “big snowflake”, sending out dazzling light torch platform loudly issued “together to the future” heroic declaration.A child watches the opening ceremony in Qinghai province

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