The fifth day of the New Year to meet the origin of the god of wealth

Why do people in their lives will be in a specific festival to welcome the arrival of the god of wealth?What does that say?In fact, it contains the profound cultural feelings of each person. They also hope that the God of wealth can bless themselves and their families in the New Year.It can develop smoothly in all aspects.The fifth day of the first lunar month has always been the custom of “welcoming the god of wealth”, prevailing in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China, so far still spread among the people.The “god of wealth” refers to Zhao Gongming.Because of its zhaobao Tianzun, Nazhen Tianzun, fortune messenger, city fairy officer four small god for its mission.Blessed with this well-to-do group, he was worshipped by those who wished to become rich.Legend, Zhao Gongming often lazy and scattered, a year only in the first day of the fifth day of the dragon and tiger Xuan altar once, and is random, not to which one, so in the old people in this day early set off firecrackers, incense, grab the front to meet him.In the old days, the general store on New Year’s Eve finished business will put the New Year’s holiday, to the fifth day took over the god of wealth, to open business, known as the beginning.Many families will also be in the birthday of the god of wealth in the night before the home to buy a banquet, the purpose is to celebrate the birthday of the god of wealth, to meet the arrival of the God of wealth.How to correctly meet the God of wealth when people receive the god of wealth in addition to some fresh fruits and vegetables, dessert snacks, people think that there are sheep’s head and carp, because for sheep’s head “auspicious” meaning, and carp is because “fish” and “yu” homonym, meaning head is more auspicious.People believe that whether businessmen or ordinary workers in business, as long as the god of wealth appears, it will be much easier to get rich.So you can see that many people will open the doors and Windows at about 0 o ‘clock on the fifth day of the first month, and then burn incense and set off firecrackers, fireworks, etc., to express their welcome to the God of wealth, so as to get the blessing of the God of wealth.The fifth day of the New Year to meet the attention of the god of wealth must remember, can be at home in front of the god or the living room set incense table.Auspicious time to open the door, lit incense candles, burning gold ingot, toward the god case a word a word mouth read shuwen, read, holding five sandalwood out of the gate, to the west three worship please, in the heart meditation, invite the god of wealth to go home with you, then slowly return home, shuwen together with paper money incineration in the incense burner must not be incinerated on the ground.Put out the candle, close the offerings, incense burner, close the door, they completed the ceremony to receive the god of wealth, to continue other things.Next, please enjoy a group of Thangka of Huang God of Wealth no. 188-308798:

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