These places are orderly and open!Latest notices in Hexi District

Based on the current epidemic situation, the research district headquarters, since February 20 0, the development zone business site of Internet access services, singing and dancing entertainment, recreational places of entertainment, performance venues, theaters, bathhouses, a-class tourist scenic spots, parks, travel agencies, public cultural venues, sports fitness, training institutions and other places in order to open.All places should strictly follow relevant epidemic prevention and control guidelines, and strictly implement measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, mask wearing, ventilation and disinfection, appointment and flow restriction.Chess and card rooms, mahjong parlour, table game rooms, escape rooms, scripts and other places will remain closed.Hebei District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters February 19, 2022 Source: “Jinyun” wechat official account Edited by: Zhang Zhihua, Deng Jinglong, Pei Liyan, Liu Ying

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