A conversation with a cleaning lady

Coming out of the botanical garden, I parted with my relatives.They were driving back to their house, and I was going to drive back to mine.Instead of rushing, I stood by the roadside and chatted with a cleaning woman resting on the kerb.The cleaner, in her 50s, wore a wide-brimmed sunbonnet and a pale blue mask that hid much of her tanned face.She was holding a broom and dustpan, although sitting on the curb, the broom was still on the ground to sweep the seeds into the dustpan.The cleaning lady is still talking, I did not ask a few words, she opened the chatterbox.She says she can only take two days off a month and is paid 2,598 yuan a month.I go to work at 6:30 and get off work at 18 ∶ 30 every day. There are two hours’ rest time in the middle. The company does not care about meals.I asked: Now is the Chinese New Year holiday, do you count overtime?Do you get overtime pay?The cleaning woman shook her head vigorously: “Where there is overtime pay, can pay wages on time is good.The previous employer paid wages on time on the 20th of each month. The new employer just got a job last month and didn’t pay wages on the 27th. Everyone was waiting for the lunar New Year holiday.The cleaning woman pointed to the Olympic Sports Center, art gallery, botanical garden, Zhengzhou Museum and Zhengzhou Grand Theater and said: Our company is responsible for these places, very large.I said: so your company cleaners have 1000 people?1000 people?The cleaning lady gave me a sidelong glance and said, There are only 80 of us. The oldest is 68 and the youngest is over 50.At our age, we have no capital to run our own business, and only young people want to find jobs. Now we have no land to grow, so we can only sweep the streets.Regardless of the weather, snow, or hot summer, the cleaning woman did not complain too much, she just repeatedly emphasized two things, one is this year’s New Year’s welfare has not been issued, the second is do not know whether the summer cooling fee will be issued.I said: the cooling fee is reasonable, should be issued.She has some hesitation: The New Year has no welfare, he will issue cooling fee?I was speechless.I remember last year that the salaries of more than 2,000 sanitation workers in Hefei during the Spring Festival were paid twice or three times as much as usual. The units provided nutritious breakfast every day, and the party branch and trade union of the units also provided relevant subsidies for the front-line workers in difficulty.Why is there such a big difference in pay for the same work?

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