Luoyang municipal Public Security Bureau announced four typical cases

The Public Security bureau of Luoyang city released a list of typical cases of illegally storing, selling and setting off fireworks during the Spring Festival, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year.Case one: 1, the perpetrator Zhang in Yibin district dianzhuang town Xianggongzhuang village illegal setting off fireworks, luoyang City public Security Bureau Yibin by opening branch dianzhuang police station police scene seized.Subsequently, the police according to the “fireworks safety management Regulations” article 42 provisions, zhang xx administrative fine of 200 yuan.Case two: 2 afternoon, Luoyang city public Security Bureau old city branch mangshan police station to receive the public alarm, area gou shangcun someone illegal fireworks.Police immediately arrived, after the investigation, the scene investigation and investigation of the criminal 3, according to the “fireworks safety management Regulations” article 42 provisions, respectively to 3 people fined 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan of punishment.Case three: 2 days, Luoyang Public Security Bureau jianxi branch patrol brigade received the people’s alarm, jurisdiction south China Yujingcheng district someone set off fireworks.Police rushed to the scene investigation found that a resident of the residential area illegally stored fireworks for sale, and seized more than boxes of fireworks in their home.Subsequently, the police will be handed over to zhengzhou road police station processing.Zhengzhou road police station to impose administrative detention on this person for a day.Case 4: On January 31, the Dongguan Police Station of the Chanhe River Sub-bureau found in their work that there were people selling fireworks and firecrackers near a parking lot. The police immediately investigated and dealt with the violator.After investigation, the wrongdoer Fan will be in bulk fireworks with van transport, and buyers contact to the agreed place to sell, selling all kinds of fireworks more than 1000, the public security organs according to law to its administrative detention 15 days of punishment.For days, police in luoyang, in conjunction with the social emergency management, market regulation and how to carry out comprehensive inventory collection, screening, joint law enforcement, increase of illegal manufacture, storage, sale, transport, fireworks and other illegal behavior is investigated and the crackdown, mobilize the masses to actively illegal private deposit of fireworks, consciously abide by the provisions banned,Make every effort to create a good atmosphere for co-security.As of February 3, Luoyang police accumulation move police force 3293 people, out of the forbidden publicity vehicle 132 times, check township (office)460, check unit 1376, investigate fireworks case 75, administrative detention 20 people, administrative fine 55 people, confiscated fireworks 83 boxes.Police remind: the city’s public security organs will always maintain the illegal storage, transportation, sales, setting off fireworks and other illegal activities of the crackdown on punishment.The Spring Festival holiday is half over, we hope that the general public continue to abide by the ban, do not have a chance, encounter illegal behavior please report at the first time, together to create a good environment.

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