Mirror, Twin Cities 33: Flying Lian for the shark cheat antidote

Feather fantasy that su Copy had already been too city, in a fit of anger he ordered the soldiers to guard the city in prison waiting for fate, then let fly lian first led to trapped Longyuan, told him to be sure to stay away from the river, directly from the mountain road bypass, and can not encounter any water.Shark xiao aware that something is wrong, secretly tracking feather magic came to the river, he was found to poison the water.It is also because of feather magic by poison gas corrosion, so that his hands quickly petrified, so that he had no time to take the antidote.Fortunately xiao appeared in time to pick up the antidote and took it for xiao, who soon returned to normal.Although feather magic always have doubts about her, due to the grace of this life, also did not explore too much, but xiao took the opportunity to leave the signal in the transmission beads, to remind people not to enter the water.How to know the sound beads were damaged, Ning Liang carefully listen to only “do not” two words, no other content, so mistakenly think is not to trap longyuan, then decided to travel with the people from the waterway.Sure enough, when they meet water, they will be petrified, poisoning mild, yan Xi immediately distinguish red ghost food, ready to go to Cangliu for the antidote.Su copy with White Maya came to the trapped longyuan cliff, suddenly feel the strength of the boundary, he tried to open the boundary with the opening sword, was surprisingly smooth.Because two people can not find the dragon lock, they decided to find separately, Su Copy white concern for the safety, told her to avoid light bead knock three times.With a gust of wind across the ears, just like a whisper, in that moment, su Copy before the eyes of seven thousand years before the blue sea, quan first soldiers begged pure huang troops as soon as possible, but pure huang hesitates.Wait for the illusion to disperse, Su Copy quickly return to god, and no matter just why appear with his appearance like the person, urgent matter of the moment or to find white Maya first.At the same time, bai Maya is in the fog in indistinct direction, until encounter Su copy, feel the other side is wearing strange again however, simply deliberately use avoid light bead to try, as expected prove its counterfeit identity.Maya white immediately shot down the fake Sue copy, but the other side dodged, in a moment and disappeared.In the process of su copy looking for White Maya, constantly flashing the scene of seven thousand years ago, when The Queen of Bai Wei and xing Zun king are like water and fire, repeatedly persuaded him to let go, do not be in the stubbornly.How expected baiwei this words completely angered the king of the star, so that he gradually lost reason, turned to use the sword will be pure huang killed.Just this key mouth, false Su copy appeared out of thin air, that is, at the gate of the city and su copy passed by the man, the newcomer is not others, it is his brother Su Nuo.But Su Copy still do not know, Su Nuo said he is to end his life, recapture belongs to their own everything.White Maya rushed to, for the present scene some surprise, but also quickly through the ring to distinguish true Sue copy, and with his extremely tacit understanding of eye contact exchange, together will be false Sue copy dozen run.Su mo analyzed that this man was probably sent by the kensei, and later mentioned that he saw the Queen of Bai Wei and Lang Gan and Chunhuang.Fly lian heard of shark poisoning, feather magic can not believe that the use of poison this despicable means.Because as early as many years ago, flying under the guidance of feather magic, change the past arrogant and domineering, so he is the most admired people, but now become two different people.However, feather magic still insist that they are the most correct, as long as they can beat su Copy, no matter what the price is worth.Yanxi and Xiao learn about the situation through xiao. After a discussion, Xiao lets the latter push himself into the water and cheat xiao of the cure by poisoning him.Happen to fly lian rate people came, yan Xi to cover the sheng left, had to fall into the hands of cang flow army.Although fei lian knew that Xiao was still in contact with Quanxian, he helped xiao hide the truth.When feather magic get fei Lian and other soldiers after the proof, this just put down a guard, thus take out the antidote to xiao.Fei Lian took the opportunity to pour out a few pills and held them in his hand. Then he told Xiao and his friends to send them out, promising to protect Xiao.How to know feather magic early beware, fly lian notice that sheng go first, and then pretend to hijack yourself, but finally all caught back.Maya white and Su copy in longyuan trapped exploration, always feel that there is a pair of eyes staring at them, but Su repeatedly told White must be careful, so as not to be confused.As the scene turns, time goes back to 7,000 years ago. Bai Wei gets separated from her companions in a storm and rushes to the beach.At that time was not born pure huang will bring her back to God Xiao Palace, for many days to keep around careful care.Maya White woke up unable to move until she realized that she was in Bai Wei’s body and could sense her behavior, language, and mood changes.So this illusion made Bai feel very confused, and when the illusion disappeared, she realized that Su Mo also experienced the same thing, but from a pure perspective.And on the other side, yu Magic pressed xiao why betrayed himself, even let her choose between the first and cangliu.Xiao thought of what Xiang had said to her and finally chose Su Mo without hesitation. Yu Huan was so angry that he drew his sword and stabbed her in the chest, watching her collapse to the ground.On the contrary, the sheng will go back to the antidote to Ning Liang, said now the most important to help Su copy unlock the dragon seal as soon as possible, because this is the common wish of spring ancestors.

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