The Chinese women’s soccer team is sweeping the screen!Net friend: this is sonorous rose

Whether you went to bed in the wee hours of this morning or woke up and checked your moments, it’s probably the same message: Chinese women’s football, awesome!See crying!China beat Japan in the semi-finals of the Women’s Asian Cup late last night to advance to the final.And the process of this match is also perfect interpretation of what is sonorous roses.The Chinese women’s soccer team fell behind twice and made two tenacious comebacks.The score against Japan was 2-2 in 120 minutes.After the penalty shootout, the aggregate score of 6∶5 over the opponent, into the final!Netizens who watched the whole game were also suddenly ignited, saying that this is the spirit of women’s football!Never give up in the face of adversity and fight to the last.Such a team, why not love!China clinched an early qualification for the 2023 World Cup after beating Vietnam 3-1 to reach the semi-finals of the Asian Women’s Football Tournament on Jan 30.At 22:00 on February 3rd, China’s women’s football team met its Asian Cup semifinal opponent Japan, which had not been beaten for 6 years. In the disadvantageous situation of wang Shuang missing due to injury, China women’s football team and the opponent went into extra time.China women’s first round: Zhu Jue, Wang Xiaoxue, Ma Jun, Zhang Xin, Yao Wei, Wang Shanshan, Lou Jiahui, Wu Chengshu, Yao Lingwei, Tang Jiali, Zhang Linyan.In the first half, The Chinese women’s football team was not used to the opponent’s continuous fast closing down. In the 33rd minute, The Chinese women’s football team lost the ball, and The Japanese team Riko Ueki caught the marking error and headed the ball into the net.In the 33rd minute, Riko Ueki headed home a goal.Since then, The Japanese team continued to rob the Chinese team in the half of the encircling, China’s defensive line pressure gradually increased.Although the Chinese women’s football team also created a number of attacking opportunities, but failed to form a threatening shot, the half-time battle ended, China team 0 to 1 temporarily behind the Japanese team.In the 47th minute, Wu Chengshu equalised after xiao Yuyi, who had just come off the bench, provided an assist.The 47th minute, Wu Chengshu cushion shot equaliser.After a period of time, The Chinese women’s football team was confined in their own half, but the overall defense maintained well, did not leave too many opportunities for the opponent, and finally the game ended in regular time, 1-1, according to the Rules of the Asian Cup, the two sides will go into 30 minutes of extra time.After entering the extra time, the Chinese women’s football team’s defense quality declined due to its excessive energy consumption.In the 103rd minute, Hiroshi Hasegawa lifted the ball into the penalty area and Riko Uechi headed the ball from an offside position. Goalkeeper Zhu Yu failed to save the ball. The Chinese women’s football team again trailed 1-2.Extra time, Ueki riko before the header scored twice.Under desperate circumstances, The Chinese women’s football team did not give up!In the 119th minute, The Chinese women’s football team got a free kick in front of the court. Zhang Xin crossed the ball to the middle, and Wang Shanshan scored on her instep to equalize the score again.The 119th minute, Wang Shanshan into the absolute flat goal.Goalkeeper Zhu Yu made two saves to give China a 4-3 (6-5 on aggregate) victory in the penalty shootout.The Chinese women’s team has won the Asian Cup eight times, the most in the tournament’s history, but last won the title in 2006. With the rise of Asian rivals, The Chinese women’s team has long failed to reach the top of Asia.After finishing runner-up in 2008, China finished fourth in 2010 and third in 2014 and 2018.As for the characteristics of the Japanese women’s football team, The head coach of The Chinese women’s football team, Shui Qingxia said: “The Japanese team is quite skilled in passing and catching the ball, the team has a very tacit understanding, and there are many changes on the field.We need to be prepared to play to our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, play to our strengths in inhibition and counter-inhibition, and play our own game.”The Fast closing down of The Japanese women’s football players once made the Chinese women’s football team very uncomfortable.Forward Wang Shanshan also said before the game, “Japan will definitely put pressure on us and make it difficult, but hopefully we can play our stuff and show Chinese women’s soccer on this stage, and we will definitely give it our best shot.”The two sides were fiercely confrontational.History of sino-Japanese women’s football shows that the Chinese women’s football team has 42 times against Japan and won 19 times.But they have lost all four of their previous matches, last beating their opponents in the 2016 Olympic qualifying tournament.This time, we finally won!”You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team,” wang Shuang, who missed the match due to injury, said after the match.People’s Daily Sports commentary: The Chinese women’s football team has set an example of how to behave in the face of strong players.But after the match, there was another small detail was noticed by careful netizens: Coach Shui Qingxia celebrated with the players. The players tried to lift her, but She refused.After all, this is not the final yet, and there is a tough game ahead: China’s women’s soccer team will face South Korea in the final on Feb. 6 at 7 p.m.To the ninth Asian Cup cup to launch a challenge!Come on, Chinese women’s soccer team!Sources | Xinhua News Agency, The Paper, Qianjiang Evening News, Hangzhou Daily, Migu Sports, Sina Weibo, Nanfang Daily

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