A series of achievements of “Teaching and writing of natural composition” were published

The topic of “Systematic Construction and Practice exploration of Instructing and Writing of Natural Composition” presided by Professor Liu Jiyuan of Hunan First Normal University and Professor Zhou Jianshe of Capital Normal University is a key topic approved by Chinese Language Intelligence Research Center of National Language Commission.Group recently launched the “primary school writing teaching and learning” (Liu Jiyuan MiaoJiTing editor, in September 2021, jiangxi people’s publishing house), the color composition teaching research and practice (Liu Jiyuan), ecru guide to teach writing composition (elementary volume 12 copies of six books volume, high school, junior high school (2 copies, Liu Jiyuan Weeks construction editor,Hunan Education Press, January 2022) and other series of achievements.The reporter learned that the series of achievements mainly reflect the following characteristics: the establishment of a scientific system of writing training in primary and secondary schools.The writing teaching system for primary and secondary schools should be built with clear objectives, clear hierarchy, scientific and practical writing teaching system, which is based on the development of children’s language communication function, and the training of writing skills and thinking as subsystems.With life as the source, need as the power, thinking as the key, reading as the basis, expression as the goal, the learning section “student-led activities”, “thinking training points”, “written language training points and requirements” of multiple elements throughout it.Reform the tradition of writing education in normal schools and solve the problem of writing teaching teachers in primary and secondary schools.Taking the writing teaching in normal colleges and their cooperative primary and secondary schools as the practice and research platform, it strengthens the vocational skills of writing teaching in normal colleges and universities.In addition to ensuring that the theory of directing writing originates from classroom practice, it cultivates the professional quality of writing teaching of normal university students and in-service teachers.Pre – post separation into pre – post integration.It provides a guarantee for solving the problem of writing teachers in primary and secondary schools from the source.Construct the classroom teaching system of “whole-course writing”.Through the scientific and practical “classroom teaching operation system”, the writing teaching goal of each class hour on the curriculum schedule can be implemented into the classroom.In order to overcome the “inaction” and “foolishness” in writing classroom teaching, strengthen the operability of teaching practice.The research group systematically studied the teaching of 4 class hours of each unit composition, and compiled teaching plans according to different teaching objectives, teaching emphases and difficulties of each class according to “guiding conception” → “independent completion” → “review and modification” → “show and share”, which could guarantee the writing teaching quality of each class, each unit and each learning section.Grasp the essence of writing teaching and change humanistic separation into humanistic unity.Through the implementation of the “three qualities” goal of “quality composition writing”, strive to learn composition and learn to be a harmonious unity.Put an end to “pseudo-writing” and “topic composition”, let the writing teaching of primary and secondary schools return to the right way, and train students simple and fresh style of writing.It lays a solid foundation for cultivating their innovative thinking, developing their sound personality and developing their creativity.Construct the system of “students independently evaluate drafts under the guidance of teachers”.This study adopted the software “In Classroom Chinese Composition intelligent Correcting system” developed by Professor Zhou Jianshe, director of The Chinese Language Intelligence Research Center of the National Language Commission, and initially evaluated students’ drafts of their essays.This achievement won the first prize of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology in 2019, and was selected into the “Ten Typical Cases of Implementation of” Double Reduction “by the Ministry of Education in September 2021.It takes about 8 minutes to evaluate 50 exercises, which can reduce the burden of teachers and realize the real-time evaluation of compositions.After the initial evaluation, teachers can also organize students to conduct demonstration evaluation, self-evaluation and self-evaluation, peer evaluation and open evaluation according to the suggestion of “In Class”.(Du Bing, media reporter of Guangming Daily)

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