Convenient!Kunming city, Yuxi, Pu ‘er and Xishuangbanna realized inter-regional cooperation on 61 issues

Zou Zhifeng, head of an enterprise in Yunnan province, receives a paper business license at the Kunming Municipal Government Service Hall on February 15.This is the first certificate issued by the Integration service of market supervision in cities along the China-Laos Railway along the Belt and Road. It marks the realization of “inter-regional cooperation” and “mutual recognition” of 61 issues in market supervision in Kunming, Yuxi, Pu ‘er and Xishuangbanna in the future.”Our company is going to set up a branch in Mengla County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture. In the past, WE had to go to Xishuangbanna to handle the business. It happened to be a new measure to handle business across the state and city, so I could get the license without leaving Kungfu, saving a lot of time and energy.”Zou zhifeng said, in addition to the service hall to receive the license, you can also choose to mail the way, to achieve the whole process of “zero legwork.”With the regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement (RCEP) officially taking effect and the opening of china-Laos railway, Yunnan’s regional advantages are further highlighted.Kunming has actively coordinated the market supervision departments of Yuxi, Pu ‘er and Xishuangbanna, and recently signed the Cooperation Agreement on the Integration of Market Supervision in cities along the China-Laos Railway under the Belt and Road Initiative, carrying out cooperation on 61 issues in the field of market supervision in the four prefectures along the China-Laos railway.”The introduction of the new measures is not just a simple issue of a certificate to enterprises, but several cities and states that have reached agreements in the future will also give enterprises more convenience and preferential treatment in terms of intellectual property rights and quality development.”Deng Yongbin, deputy director of Kunming Market Supervision Administration bureau, said that next step, Kunming will continue to promote cluster registration, multiple licenses for one site, cross-district operation and other measures.”For example, if an enterprise registers its headquarters in Kunming area of the pilot free Trade Zone and sets up branches in each port, the branches can also enjoy the preferential policies of Kunming area of the pilot free trade Zone, which can attract more foreign trade enterprises to start businesses in Kunming area of the pilot free trade Zone.”Deng yongbin said.The creation, application, protection and service of intellectual property is an important part of the integration of market supervision in cities along the China-Laos railway belt and Road.Ye Ming, director general of Kunming Intellectual Property Office, introduced that Kunming will promote sizhou city to improve the efficiency of collaborative work in the creation, application, protection and service of INTELLECTUAL property through “collaborative cooperation” on intellectual property, and jointly cultivate ipr intensive industries.Mutual recognition of administrative licenses is an important part of the integration of market regulation.Take the certificate for special equipment operators as an example. There are about 20,000 certificate holders in Kunming every year, some of whom get the certificate in Kunming or work in other places.In the future, after the expiration of the certificate, the holder can apply for reexamination and reissue to the nearest market regulatory authorities in Yuxi, Pu ‘er and Xishuangbanna, so as to avoid the trouble of returning to Kunming.In the next step, Kunming will continue to promote the cooperation with other cities along the China-Laos railway, including more issues into the cooperation agreement on market supervision integration, so that the affairs of cities along the China-Laos railway can be handled immediately, online, nearby and in one place.Source: Kunming Daily editor: Zhou Lu Review: Xiao Mi Juan final: Xu Ting

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