More than half of the winter Olympic Games Germany Norway 8 gold first the United States 5 gold China 4 gold row 7 Britain unexpectedly no license

By The evening of February 12, Beijing time, the winter Olympics has reached the halfway point.So far, Germany and Norway, two ice and snow powers, ranked the top two in the medal table with eight gold MEDALS, while the United States ranked third with five gold MEDALS.Host China, who escaped the embarrassment of only one gold medal last year, now stand seventh with four after Gao Tingyu’s victory last night.Japan has two gold MEDALS so far and South Korea has one.It is a pity that the old “imperialist country” Britain has not won a medal and has not even finished in the medal table.Many netizens on the Olympics is not familiar with, may still think the United States, Russia in the traditional cognition is winter project of power, but in the Nordic countries such as Norway, Germany, is the traditional ice power, there are a lot of projects is originated from them, and so far, only the people there they play well – go only PK between China, Japan and South Korea,China and South Korea against each other can produce a world champion. Cricket is basically what India, Pakistan, etc play.After the birth of the Summer Olympic Games, Sweden, Norway, Finland and other Nordic countries founded the Nordic Games in 1901. “They proposed that the modern Olympic Games were rooted in the ancient Olympic Games in Greece, but there was no ice and snow events in the ancient Olympic Games, which was a ‘rival’ to the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee.In 1908, figure skating was included in the official events of the Fourth London Olympic Games. In 1920, at the seventh Antwerp Olympic Games, figure skating and ice hockey, two winter sports, were so popular that they were included in the official events of the Summer Olympic Games.1924 in France chamonix held the first Winter Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee used a lot of wisdom, in the name of “the eighth Olympia Sports week” will northern Europe several ice and snow power players “even deceive” invited to the scene to participate in the competition, the second year after the end of the announcement that this is the first Winter Olympic Games.Germany’s eight gold MEDALS are as follows, and they manage to add gold every day.Six of Norway’s eight gold MEDALS so far have come from its traditional strengths in cross-country skiing and biathlon.China won four gold MEDALS in the short track mixed relay, Ren Ziwei in the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating, Gu Ailing in the women’s big jump freestyle skiing and Gao Tingyu in the men’s 500m speed skating.Next week, Su Yiming, Gu Ailing and the Chinese short track speed skating team still have some gold MEDALS, the feeling may be able to win 2-5 gold MEDALS, of course, to win 5 gold MEDALS is a little difficult, but it is estimated that the possibility of 2-3 gold MEDALS is relatively high.A top-level competition like the Olympics must have an intercontinental perspective, as Asian sports as a whole cannot compete with Europe and America.The Japanese team has so far won two gold MEDALS in the men’s halfpipe snowboarding by Hiromi Hirano and the men’s individual standard ski jumping by Yoo Kobayashi.The only gold medal Korea has won so far is hwang Dae-heon’s men’s 1,500 meters short-track speed skating.Half way through the competition without a medal, Team GB is indeed a bit thin.At the last Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Team GB finished 19th in the medal table with one gold and four bronzes.Daily Mail reporter Rias Samarai wrote a few days ago that he was worried that the British team would not win the gold medal this time. The British journalist who interviewed Valieva viciously also became the object of public attention these two days, reportedly “received death threats”, and some Russian colleagues said “he would be torn to pieces”.

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