Taoism has four congenital goddesses

Reprinted from Longhu Mountain Taoism is the so-called “one Yin and one Yang is the tao”, Taoism always respects the equality of men and women, not only reflected in its ideology and teachings, but also in the Taoist immortal system there are many female immortals.Among them, there are four congenital goddesses, revered by Taoism.The Mother of the Earth — Houtuhuang Di Ji is one of the four Taoist sacred bodies, whose full name is houtuhuang Di Ji.The later earth emperor is the ruler of Yin and Yang, giving birth to all things, and is called the mother of the earth.In Taoism, the priesthood is in charge of the changes of the mountain and the land, the mountain gods, the earth gods, the three mountains and five mountains, and other great gods, and control the looting.In the book of Rites and the Special Features of the Countryside, the earth bears all the living things, and the heaven shows the scene, and draws materials from the earth and laws from the heaven. Therefore, the people Revere the heaven and get close to the earth.So indoctrinate people to be kind in return.Ancient people’s life depended on the earth, so they were “close to the earth”, and “beautiful report, sacrifice”.All things are born and nurtured by heaven and earth, so heaven is the father and earth the mother.Song • Zhang Zai, “Ximing” : “Dry called father and kun called mother, yuzi appearance yan, is in the mix.Therefore, my body is blocked by heaven and earth;Heaven and earth handsome, my nature.People I fellow countrymen, things I also.”In this paper, people are born by the qi of heaven and earth, so heaven is called father, and earth is called mother, so the earth is also called “earth mother”.”Reprint drawing the source of three religions search god daquan” volume 1 “after the earth emperor only” contained: the heaven and earth are not divided, mixed into one, two instrument initial judgment, Yin and Yang positioning, so the pure gas to the Yang sky, the turbid gas fell into the Yin.For the Yang day, five tai legend, five days of positioning, shi Sun and moon, jaggly mysterious elephant.For the Yin, the five yellow multiplication, five gas condensation, load river and sea, forest buildings, so said the sky Yang Yin, heaven and earth mother.Since the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the earth, upper beam, anzhai, town house, paving, bridge construction, often held to answer the earth emperor’s department.According to ancient rites, after the completion of the project, religious activities should be held to thank the soil, to pray for the peace of the house, the road and bridge unblocked.After the end of the five parties xie Earth, in the central altar held earth Emperor is toward.Queen Mother of the West queen Mother of the West, the first goddess of the west, the full name of the “Holy White jade Turtle Tai Nine Spirits Taizhen Wuji Mother of yao Chi Great Saint King Of the West Gold Mother supreme Qing Ling Yuan Jun reign group of immortals.”According to “collection fairy record” contained: the Queen mother of the west is nine ling too wonderful guishan gold mother, also taixu nine light Gutai gold mother Yuan Jun, the department of congenital Xihua to wonderful gasification of health.Earthly women in enlightenment immortal, are under the Queen Mother of the West.In the early period, The Queen Mother of the West was an ancient goddess who was in charge of punishment and plague. The Book of Mountains and Seas also described her as “a human being with a tail of a leopard and teeth of a tiger, who was good at howling, and a fierce ruler of heaven and five mutilations in her hair”.Later, the Queen Mother of the West was gradually feminine and gentle, becoming a kind goddess image.Legend has it that the Queen mother lived in the Kunlun fairy Island, the Queen mother’s yao pool flat peach garden, the garden has flat peach, the food can live forever.The Queen Mother of the West is revered as the leader of all the female immortals and all the Yin in heaven and earth, and the goddess of marriage and childbearing.The mother of all stars – Doum Yuan jun doum Yuan jun full name “nine spirits too wonderful white jade turtle Taiwan luminous gold fine grandmother Yuan Jun”, also known as the sky bravura gas doum mother Yuan Jun purple light bright wisdom benevolent too element yuan hou Jin Zhen Sheng De Tian Zun, also known as the great perfection of the moon King, Donghua Ci save emperor day medical saint.Dum or Dum Won Gun for short.Is a Taoist congenital god, in the Star department of the Taoist immortals, is the mother of all stars.When Taoism holds the sacrificial ceremony of the Star dip festival, it is necessary to offer sacrifices to Lord Doum Yuan first.The immortal statue of Lord Doumwon has three eyes and eight arms, respectively holding the sun, moon, bell, gold seal, spear, halberd and other fighting weapons or magic tools.Taoist scripture records a manifestation of the origin of Doumu.According to “Doumu Yansheng Heart Classic” records: Doumu Yuan Jun, also known as Doumu, Doumu or congenital daomu.Is the beginning of the yuan Tianzun’s innate Yin qi, entrusted to the West Zhu Country, as the queen of the King of Zhou Yu, number “Purple light lady”.He was always merciful and saved all suffering. He had assiduously offered to the Emperor yuanshi. He was willing to give birth to his son for the benefit of all living beings.Yuan Shi Tianzun was full of his wishes. One day, doumu was bathing in the jade pool. Suddenly, she saw the yuan Shi wonderful road magnifying light, shining all over the pool.Nine golden lotus buds grew in the pool. After seven days and seven nights, the light in the jade pool became more and more incandescent. The light rose into the nine magnificent days and turned into nine great pavilions.In the treasure pavilion, there are nine holy sons, namely the eldest emperor emperor, and the second son Ziwei Emperor.The remaining seven sons are the Seven Big Dipper stars, which are greedy Wolf, Giant gate, Lu Cun, Wen Qu, Lian Zhen, Wu Qu and broken Army, collectively known as the Nine Kings of the Big Dipper.It is the mother of all stars, dou Mu Yuan Jun has many functions and powerful powers.Daojing praised Doumu Yuanjun: “Can Yang can rain can change, disaster relief and rescue the sword, pray for heir to have Kylin son, pray for name jinbang title;Merchants, li Jiazun, pray for parents to live forever, children and grandchildren to prosperity, the couple longevity health;All evils return to normal and all deteriorate into dust.”Moon palace god – Taiyin star taiyin star jun, known as “Taiyin yuan Jun filial piety King Lingbao net bright yellow element day zun”.According to the Taoist book “Cave Yuan Set” records, the moon is the moon moon, her ministry is “under the five Yue, four du, five lakes, four seas, twelve streams of the mansion, and Feng Luoshan Baisi, often with three yuan Meiji officials are all accomplices Yin Palace dead ji, the moon often pan ten hua color, light ying nations, the moon name Lin.

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