The Russian State Duma has passed a draft calling for the recognition of Ukraine’s armed forces as a self-proclaimed state, which Ukraine opposes

Russia’s State Duma on Thursday passed a draft calling on President Vladimir Putin to recognize the self-proclaimed state of armed rebels in eastern Ukraine, Sputnik news agency reported.Vyacheslav Volokin, chairman of the Russian State Duma, said on the same day that he would make a formal appeal to Putin.”Washington is working with European countries to escalate tensions and supply arms to Ukraine, while Kiev continues to ignore the Minsk agreements,” Volodin said.According to Ukraine’s state news agency, Ukraine’s supreme Rada called on the world not to recognize the “independence” of the self-proclaimed state of the armed rebels in eastern Ukraine, and condemned Russia’s possible decision to recognize its independence.In April 2014, the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine (including Donetsk and Luhansk prefectures) broke out in a large-scale conflict between Ukrainian government forces and civilian armed forces.Through the mediation of the international community, the parties to the conflict reached ceasefire agreements in Minsk in September 2014 and February 2015 respectively, defining the cease-fire line.Since then, large-scale armed clashes have been brought under control, but skirmishes still occur.Copyright works of overseas network, shall not be reproduced without authorization.

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