Small Building One Night Listening to spring Rain (Part 1)

Introduction of the taste of the world to thin like yarn, who make riding guests Jinghua.Xiaolou night to listen to the spring rain, deep Ming Dynasty to sell apricot flowers.High paper oblique idle grass, fine window milk play tea.Plain clothes do not sigh from the dust, still and qingming can be home.(1) Have you ever been to Bazhong Shu Road?Have you been to Qingcheng Mountain? Have you seen the monkeys in Emei Mountain?Then you must have visited shu Tang door.Tang door weapon alone wulin, the most powerful to squeeze into zhuge Baishi old man weapon spectrum is only the spring arrow.(2) It is said that no one who has seen the arrow of spring rain can live till now.If you want to live a long time, you’d better not go to Chengdu.You can go if you must, but don’t mess with the women of Tang Gate.Especially do not go to the baby daughter Of Tang Shaokui and season such as wind Ji Chunyu.No one has ever seen a seasonal rain!Is it tall or short?Fat or thin?Is it beautiful or ugly?No one will tell you.And no one will answer you.The first time Ye Xiaolou sat down to listen to the Rain Pavilion, it was the hottest day in Sichuan.He ate his hot hairy belly.While eating the sweet and delicious crispy red and green watermelon, listening to the storyteller telling new things he didn’t understand.Ye Xiaolou came to this strange city and strange streets for the first time. Seeing strangers talking about strange things, xiaolou felt very happy at this moment.(4) Xiaolou is an orphan, a proud teenage vigilante who comes here purely to escape marriage.He didn’t like the marriage his adoptive parents had arranged for him, and that’s fucking bullshit!Xiaolou just wants to find a girl who makes his heart beat right.He didn’t want to be a secular disciple who respected his teachers and kept the road all his life. Those old pedants were nominally of propriety, righteousness, integrity and shame, but they did very little behind the scenes.If the bride is a pockmarked ugly woman with nostrils, not to say looking disgusting, how to accompany for a long time.He escaped without a trace.When he was sitting comfortably in the upstairs listen to the Rain xuan, listen to the rain xuan outside is pouring rain, he was in a good mood to see for a long time.He hasn’t had a good bath and a good night’s sleep in ages!He burned a pot of jasmine, listened to the rain outside his window, and made his triumphant escape from the west Lake in Hangzhou to Chengdu in Sichuan province.(5) to listen to the People of Yuxuan, mostly in order to see the spring rain girl, in order to see the spring rain girl luo Shen elegant demeanor.”Xiaolou one night to listen to the spring rain, I come here, but also for the sake of seeing the spring rain girl!”Ye Xiaolou murmured to himself.Xiaolou is an orphan, the tears of the orphan, the heart of the orphan, the sorrow of the orphan to whom to tell?Perhaps only orphans can appreciate him!”Lou, your swordsmanship is getting more and more handy.”His master Yun Bai He touched his white beard and nodded his head in praise.In the shadow of the sword are countless small buildings, countless small buildings dancing with countless sword flowers, it is not clear which is jian Manang, which is the real small building, the small building jumped out of the sword array, the shadow of countless small buildings are still fighting in the camp!Xiaolou was satisfied with his swordsmanship, which he gave a resounding name of Fog rain sword.When the Misty Rain Sword appears, death comes.(7) Ye Xiaolou came to listen to Yuxuan for the first time, and accidentally hit a small call.That ugly little beggar, black and ugly, with big teeth, rotten lips, uncombed hair for ever, and lice all over him, as nasty as you can get, and a face so dirty that it made you want to vomit!Xiaolou bump into xiaolou every time, have a kind of want to ride on her body beat a violent impulse.It’s just strange, every time the little beggar leaves the spring Breeze and autumn Rain building, there is always a dead person, a very famous swordsman or swordsman in all corners of the country.

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