Stick to your post and protect the peace of all families

At this time in this family happy Spring Festival there are still many people to protect our peace still stick to their posts the people’s police with their perseverance to protect the peace of ten thousand peace public security bureau South Yingmen police station, at the moment are shuttling the busy figure of the police.Reporters into the command room, is the center of a huge electronic screen came into view, the area of the busy section of video at a glance.In front of the screen, auxiliary police Wang Lu is concentrating on answering the citizen’s phone: “This is nanyingmen police station, we will immediately arrange the police to arrive at the scene, pay attention to keep the phone unblocked.”In order to better deal with emergencies during the festival, serve the grassroots and relieve the sufferings of the people, the Peace and Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau has intensified the crackdown on social prevention and control, and carried out severe crackdown on illegal and criminal acts.Police officers Zhao Bingming (l) and Zhu Lei are on patrol.Police Zhu Lei explained to reporters.At this time, she is carrying out daily patrols with zhao Bingming, a policeman from the prevention and control patrol team, in front of geely Building.Eye-catching navy blue police uniform, solemn police badge, straight posture, a police uniform, is to send the public to the sense of responsibility and mission.During the Spring Festival, the Peace Branch of the Public Security Bureau organized nearly 300 police officers to carry out centralized inspections and rectification throughout the district to ensure the overall public order in Heping District continued to be stable.Police wang tao is banned the social workers wear armbands to persuade member in kunming road community, police wang tao is for social workers to distribute the wording “banned allure” red armband, and tell everyone: “you is we banned fireworks persuasion, must pay attention to dissuade citizens banned fireworks during the Spring Festival, also want to tell everyone vigilance telecom network fraud trap.”Don’t good red armband, the police to the area of the store safety publicity, the release of the word “fu”, encourage merchants to take the lead, to do a good job of publicity into the store.Peace during the Spring Festival, the public security bureau will work closely with the epidemic prevention and control and the banned and relying on the streets, community and other organizations at the grass-roots level, carry out zone from spreading, setting off firecrackers in time to stop the illegal behavior, accumulated the police more than 780 person-time, organization mobilize social forces of more than 320 people, more than 160 times, public Posting posters of more than 1500 copies,More than 14,500 copies of publicity materials such as “A Letter to Friends from the Public” were distributed;At the same time, adhere to the “fraud prevention” and “epidemic prevention” double promotion, design and production of the Spring Festival anti-fraud “fu”, launched the community police to visit the Spring Festival and “knock on the door action” as an opportunity to carry out the propaganda of electricity fraud prevention, to ensure the property safety of the people during the festival.In this extraordinary year, the public security police and the people together to overcome difficulties, fighting the epidemic, anti-fraud, security……In every resident has the moment of need, not the people’s police walk in the front of the resolute figure.Our family lights, is the people’s police moment guard.It was the persistence of the public security officers in Heping District during the Spring Festival that ensured that we had a happy, peaceful and stable Spring Festival.

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