The “passenger in handcuffs” came to Dafa Street

In 1983, an explosive news spread: film to our two mines!Word soon spread that the star of the handcuffed Traveler was there.I was excited to ask around what movie to make. Where was “Passenger in Handcuffs”?Can I see him in person?!The news is finally solid: shoot the movie to our two mines shoot the movie name is “honor of the knight”, the director is “the passenger wearing handcuffs” in the starring Yu Yang!This time the location is in the famous wudang zhao.”Honor of the Knight” is produced by Beijing Film Studio: Yu Yang, delegelma director, Cui Dai, Zhao Erkang, Suyalada to star.Among them, the actor named Zhao Erkang is also particularly famous. He co-starred with Siqin Gaowa in the movie “Returning home”, which was also very popular at that time.”Honor of the Knight” mainly tells the story of a group of Mongolian soldiers in the Puppet army who could not tolerate the fascist rule during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.”Honor of the Knight” was officially released in 1984 after the filming was completed. In order to reward the people of the mining area who helped to make the film, the film was shown in the cinemas of our mining area for at least two years free of charge.All I wanted to do was see Passenger in Handcuffs, so I spent every day looking for a movie crew.That day, I finally saw Yu Yang real person.Yu Yang is a big man with a square head and a brain. He is a living man walking on the square in front of the office building of our two mines.I was so excited to see the handcuffed Traveler alive.At that time saw the big star did not shout loudly to rush forward to beg autograph group photo what kind!I just couldn’t get enough of Yu Yang from nearby.Yu Yang, originally named Yu Yanjiang, was born in 1930 in Huangxian county, Shandong Province. Due to the disaster in his hometown, he was taken by his parents at the age of two to “break into The Northeast”.Unfortunately, his father died of cholera before he was well settled. After that, his mother took him all the way to stray and went to live with his grandfather, who did a small business in Jilin.In November 1947, Yu Yang came to the Northeast Film Studio in Xingshan, Heilongjiang Province and officially began his film career in the first short feature film in the liberated area, “Leave Him to Beat Old Chiang” as a company commander of our army.See yu Yang the second day of real person, I saw zhao Erkang in “Anxious to Return” again.Zhao Erkang is not tall, thin figure thin face skin is quite black, he wore a costume of the eighth Route Army to the two mine carport side of a cigarette stand to buy cigarettes.What Zhao Erkang wants is a box of Inner Mongolia’s famous cigarette “Qingcheng” brand which costs 10 fen 8 cents.Zhao Erkang looked very serious. He took the cigarette in his hand, opened it and took out a cigarette on his mouth. Then he touched a box of old-fashioned matches and lit the cigarette.Zhao Erkang was born in a railway worker’s family in Haicheng, Liaoning province on May 26, 1941.When he was young, he liked to watch movies, and the heroes and tough guys in them made him worship.In the early 1950s, after watching films such as “Dong Cunrui”, “Pavel Korchagin” and “The Young Guards”, I longed to be a film actor to create heroes.In 1961, after graduating from high school, Zhao erkang entered the Acting department of the Central Academy of Drama.After all, zhao erkang was one of the lucky 15 students enrolled in the performance department, which had planned to enroll 25 students.There are a lot of Mongolian actors in the film “Honor of the Knight”. Mongolian actors are all mighty and bold and generous. They take the initiative to say hello to people passing by.I also catch up with them, with them into the two miners of the Chinese class to watch them eat, they carried a big bowl full of wine left a bowl right a bowl seems to be drinking water.I’ve always wanted to see actresses, to see if the really beautiful actresses in movies are really that beautiful.So, I squatted in front of the office building of the second mine.As it had been inquired, the actors were quartered in rooms set aside for their rest in the second Mine office building.Finally, there is an actress out, her slender figure, straight after the pout, wearing a windbreaker, long hair elegant, long too good-looking too good-looking.At this time, an actor chased after the actress and said, “What do you want to eat, you name it and I’ll buy…””Would I like a canned apple…”Their conversation is exactly like the one in the movie.”Honor of the Knight” even invited us to mine an extra, and this extra stole the show at our mine!After the film crew left, the miner, who had acted as a group, was surrounded by many people every day, men and women, even their unit leaders looked at him with new eyes and chased him to talk about how he felt about participating in the movie.We two mine on a female worker also secretly fell in love with this group play, but unfortunately he has married.But this female worker besotted does not change, the development finally 2 people overstepped the red line, made a lacy news sensation mining area.

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