We will support the development of market entities and boost the vitality of economic development

“At present, the number of market entities in China has exceeded 150 million, including 100 million self-employed businesses. The great strength of these market entities has driven China’s economic output to over 1 trillion yuan, the steady growth of national financial and social wealth, and supported the basic creation of over 700 million jobs.”Pu Chun, deputy director of The State Council Information Office, said at a press conference on January 27.Market players are vital to economic development.The State Administration for Market Regulation, in conjunction with relevant departments, has made comprehensive use of various policy tools to support and serve the healthy development of various market players and enhance the impetus and vitality of economic development.Statistics show that by the end of 2021, the number of registered individual businesses in China had reached 103 million, accounting for two-thirds of the total market players.Ninety percent of them are concentrated in the service sector.In 2021, there were 19.701 million new self-employed businesses, up 17.2 percent year on year.According to the survey, the average number of self-employed workers is 2.68, which means that the self-employed have created 276 million jobs in China.PuChun points out, for the vast number of individual industrial and commercial households expected instability, recruitment difficult employment problem such as expensive, rising costs, capital chain, administration of market regulation and give full play to support the development of individual and industrial and commercial door joint inter-ministerial meeting, continue to perfect the policies and measures, constantly optimize the business environment, to carry out the review system of fair competition, to ensure that individual and industrial and commercial door equal to participate in market competition.The rapid development of new technologies, new industries, new forms of business and new models has become a new highlight of China’s economic development.In 2021, 3.838 million enterprises were newly established in China’s “four new economies”, up 15.8 percent year-on-year, accounting for 42.5 percent of the total number of newly established enterprises.Yang Hongcan, director of the Registration Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation, said that all types of market players in China maintained steady growth in 2021, laying an important foundation for the country’s long-term economic growth.At the same time, market entities still face many difficulties and challenges in their development. We need to focus more on the key links of ensuring stability, stability, and social security, and give greater support to the development of market entities, constantly energize them, and provide solid support for ensuring steady growth and employment.At present, the phenomenon of unregulated charges still exists, which imposes an unreasonable burden on enterprises.Yuan Xilu, director of the Price Supervision, Inspection and Anti-unfair competition Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation, pointed out that the governance of charges related to enterprises, we should focus on promoting tax cuts and negative policies “timely rain” implementation;We will promote the standardized development of charges related to enterprises. Through supervision and law enforcement, we will not only investigate and punish some illegal and irregular charges, but also urge relevant departments to help market entities continue to gain a greater sense of policy dividends and reduce the burden of production and operation through continuous rectification.Promote the improvement of laws and regulations on charges related to enterprises, and eliminate the soil and root causes of arbitrary charges from the system and mechanism.To stimulate the vitality of market players, we also need to further play the role of market mechanism of survival of the fittest.Yang Hongcan introduced, in recent years, the General Administration of Market Regulation constantly improve the market main body cancellation system, promote the reform of enterprise cancellation facilitation, and multiple departments to achieve cancellation business “information sharing, synchronous guidance”, reduce the cost of cancellation, deepen the reform of enterprise simple cancellation registration.Under the mechanism of survival of the fittest, the overall quality of Chinese market players has been improved.In 2021, business activity will basically remain around 70 percent, which will improve the efficiency of market resource allocation and play an important role in improving the business environment.It is of great significance to crack down on infringement and guide the fair competition of market subjects to develop and strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition, and to standardize fair competition in the market and establish a high-standard market system.In this regard, Yuan Xilu said that while strengthening supervision and law enforcement, we should pay more attention to competition advocacy, rule making, and guide all kinds of capital and all kinds of market players to orderly competition and standardized development.First, we will improve regulations on fair competition, laws and regulations against unfair competition, and a multi-tiered system of competition regulations.Second, we will coordinate the focus of competition regulation, strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition supervision and law enforcement, and further improve the mechanism for reviewing fair competition.Third, we will further improve the whole chain regulation system, and promote the establishment of a risk monitoring and early warning system.Fourth, we will further form regulatory synergy for coordinated oversight, and promote closer integration of market access, industry oversight, and competition oversight.Fifth, to further improve the ability of fair competition regulation, strengthen basic theory research, talent training, technical support.In combating counterfeit infringement, protecting intellectual property rights, the national market deparment, director of the state administration of law enforcement bureau YanJun pointed out that the market supervision administration of perfecting laws and regulations, further stepping up his efforts, in view of the high incidence of infringing counterfeit in key areas, key areas, continue to organize ipr enforcement action, in accordance with the law to crack down on trademark infringement and counterfeit patent violations.”Going forward, the State Administration for Market Regulation will further strengthen supervision and law enforcement to curb infringement and counterfeiting.Further deepen overall planning and coordination, improve the level of coordination and linkage;We will further promote social co-governance, promote the formation of a full-chain governance model, and strive to create a market-based, law-based and international business environment.”YanJun said.Source Guangming Daily editor Duan Lanqian editor Tian Minjia Yang Tao

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