Zhecheng County: Provide jobs all the year round

Henan newspaper all media reporter Yang Zheyang correspondent Ma Xuexian Song Zhenhao “work in this day’s salary of 100 yuan, tube eat, eat well, full of happiness…”April 2, is shao Spring seedling planting base work of The Town of Zhang Bridge Of Zhecheng County Zhang Set village villagers Zhang Ailian said.Reporters into the seedlings planting base, more than 30 by the local villagers of the nursery planting team is rushing to catch up, busy work, in red flowers and green fruit set off, a beautiful and happy scene.Shao said Zhang Yingkun, head of the spring seedling planting base, after two years of development, now has 60 acres of land, planting photinia x, lobular privet, big leaf boxwood, dickinson privet afforest nursery stock, such as from transplanting to fertilizing watering, can manage all the year round, have a job, demand for workers in more than 30 people every day.”The operation process is very simple, and the villagers nearby are also willing to work here. I am planting seedlings these days, so everyone can earn money and I feel comfortable. My green dream will continue and provide employment opportunities for more villagers.”Zhang Yingkun confidently said.In order to let the workers stay and do well, Zhang Yingkun raises the salary standard year by year according to the planting efficiency. The salary is paid every day and free lunch is provided. Each person can get 80 to 100 yuan per day, and more people come to work here.Villager Zhang Fenglian said, “When I’m older, it’s not easy for me to find work as a migrant worker. I’m happy to work here as a part-time worker.”

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