Blackbeard really came to the kingdom of Peace, kaido got promoted, luffy got beat up again

In the last issue of One Piece 1044, it was stated that Luffy had completed the evolution of the fifth gear, and was still whipping Kaido like a carp, which made Kaido feel bad.Of course, in the face of the sudden open hang, no one can block, early is bound to be lufei’s highlight time.And now according to overseas users give 1045 words comic hints, this issue of comic can also be said to be very explosive, look at the information map is probably about two things, one is about Kaido and Luffy’s war upgrade, as for the destruction of ghost island is not clear.The second is that Blackbeard has really come to the land of Peace, which is what many sea fans want to see. Let’s analyze it below.01 black beard came true and the countries of the first said the black beard, he now seems to have no special things to do, he now wants to silently watching luffy and kay more fighting, and then to harvest, the aim is clear, black beard want kay much history text, but he knew he couldn’t win much, kay after using hands to beat kay luffy,They took away Kaido’s resources, and then killed luffy and his crew, killing two birds with one stone.So this time black beard and nation, is a very wise choice, he would not be hard to do with people in the revolutionary army, after all, he is not good, and black beard don’t don’t have to talk to the revolutionary cadres hard, just because the black beard has reached the goal, he want to go to Ralph drew island, must pass and the kingdom of this, the black beard now is very smart, let the pirates infighting,He’ll stab him in the back when necessary, which could lead to a three-emperor rivalry, and it’s doubtful Blackbeard will lose in the Kingdom of Peace.02 kay upgrade, luffy and beaten about kay more and luffy is the other side of the news, the two men is currently and the country’s top man, the battle between the two friction, lit up the ghost island, almost to note here is that luffy is the five file form, and kay is the more common form, if kay is luffy suddenly and violently dozen, he will change, so in the diagram,Kaido’s thunderous gossip has been upgraded to thundersixty-four hexagrams, which is also kaido’s strongest blow.And, of course, the next step is luffy beaten scenes, in fact this is normal, don’t feel force collapse, the existence of five gears is not invincible, if kay also fruit awakening, then five gears luffy with kay only 50-50, luffy only his progress, don’t think luffy has five gears is very safe, the strength of the composite pirates, luffy will upgrade,But Kaido has no choice. After all, there is no ship in the new world that can carry the old four emperors, but Luffy will surely be badly hurt before he can win over Kaido.Well, this issue of one Piece on the chat here, I hope you can like oh, picture source network, assault delete.If you like this article, welcome to like, comment and share oh, thank you for your support, later will continue to update the wonderful animation content oh, if you have different opinions, welcome to leave a message oh.

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