Check the psychology of Internet celebrity “brainwashing type” title, see how many you believe?

The therapist does not devour his patients in any way, except that he does not let them fall in love with or submit to him.However, the counseling orientation bred by the heavy Confucian culture tends to correct the formal coaching culture and discipline, and the teaching and training of psychological counseling tend to theoretical discussion and worship of the technical emperor, just like the psychological supervision of a missionary position.Lack of face to face specific one to one practical training, theory and technology can not save the absence of psychological consultants.Today, a man asked me: Is her marriage bad because she’s so good?The common approach of psychological consultants to this problem is to kick the ball rather than give a direct answer.So I had to ask him, what do you think about your claim that you’re too good for marriage?So is this judgment really true?In fact, this is a classic logical false association.Whenever faced with this kind of problem, if we use cognitive therapy to help the client find his own extreme and paranoid distorted belief system, we can solve his confusion.The flaw in the above statement is obvious.If you can use deductive logic and you can see that with a little bit of reasoning, it doesn’t hold water.We can turn the question around and ask him: Tell me, if your marriage isn’t good because you’re too good, then what kind of person has a good marriage?Is it true that the worse someone is, the better their marriage will be?Is the more ordinary a person is, the better their marriage will be?Obviously, there is no direct correlation between good and bad marriage and whether the parties are excellent, ordinary or bad, which is called logical false correlation.The vast majority of deception in psychology is all about creating a logical false connection between two unrelated things.Similar routines include: People who eat a lot of noodles will become stupid;People who like to eat acid are creative;A person in a messy room thinks in disorder;If we took a psychological test of all married men and women, what percentage would you say marriage is good?That’s about a half at most, which means that whatever you associate with marital success in the world, he’s right about half the time.That’s why these fake psychology and Chicken Soup for the Soul favorites, because half the people will agree.It’s like countless people on the Internet saying that their family of origin has hurt them, it’s because those who grew up in a bad family but have a good life as adults don’t even bother to comment on these online articles.This is the survivor effect, and these fake psychology bets on half the people who support him, and that’s enough for them to cheat.03 Psychology cheat you have no discussion that we also imitate a similar routine above today.I’m going to show you how psychology can trick you.People with low self-esteem from childhood, adult marriage is often unhappy;Single parent children, in the emotional world will always push too hard;Most of the girls who like reading Qiong Yao’s novels grow up and their marriages fail.The generation of boys who grew up reading Jin Yong’s novels never learned how to value their partners in the world of marriage.The girl who likes ponytail as a child is often a good wife and mother when she grows up.A girl whose mother is a nurse will not have a perfect sex life after marriage.A boy whose father is a soldier never knows how to get on well with a leader.Is the routine above your product severe?Does it make more sense the more you read it?This is xiao Ming patting buttocks can write 60 fake psychology language routines a minute.Now you can see how psychology can fool the public.Always remember, psychology cheat you no discussion, do not casually believe that any network red psychological experts logical false association.The “masters” of psychology, when stared at by fans, become big he, when stared at by self, become mirror image, and in turn become the subject of emasculating themselves.

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