Debao County, Guangxi province, has designated one medium-high risk containment zone and three control zones respectively

According to CCTV news, at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control held in Guangxi today, 56 new local confirmed cases were reported in the region from 16:00 on February 6 to 12:00 on February 7. A total of 99 local confirmed cases were reported in the region from February 5 to 12:00 on February 7.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Guangxi has been strictly controlling spillover, and the regions involved in the confirmed cases have been under hierarchical control. Up to now, Debao County of Baise has designated one medium-high risk zone, three containment zones and three control zones, and the whole region is a prevention zone.Youjiang area, Tian Yang area, jingxi of baise city, longlin county, and nanning city jiangnan area timely drew centralization, control, prevent, classification control measures, to sealing centralization control closed isolation, never leave home, door to door service, control area of a person is the key to the area, it is forbidden to gather and preventive measures, prevent area to strengthen social control, the implementation of the fine grid management mechanism,Give full play to the role of the minimum grid unit, timely check and grasp the close contact and sub-close contact groups, as well as returnees from risk areas.Baise according to the changes of the epidemic situation to strengthen the control measures, since early February 7, to carry on the city’s traffic control within the scope of baise, vehicles and personnel is not in not out in principle, baise, between various counties urban counties within the city among the villages and towns not only not, various counties urban district each township internal strict enforcement personnel control, not flow unless necessary.Editor Chen Yanting

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