Did Tanijiro live to be 25 years old and still marry Shanai and have children?

Let me answer it in two ways;First of all, charcoal rule Lang can not live 25 years old is a large probability event, but not 100 percent, the last open stripes did not die is a successor to the country edge (six eyes jealousy brother become ghost does not count), edge is completely walking in the world of god.God whole out of the boss so a ghost king, also come out of such a specialized processing ghost plug-in.He lived for over 100 years with his stripes perfectly normal.But don’t forget, Tanjilang himself has a lot of very special points: he and you beans have the same potential to evolve into a ghost not afraid of the sun, with the ghost king no tragic gghost, but also injected special ghost into human agents, his body inherited from the ancestors, a generation in the use of the sun call dance family.And he won’t need to breathe anymore.And, crucially, a life without marriage;Even if Tanjiro can only live to be 25 years old, that is shanai’s own choice. She chooses to spend the rest of her life with Tanjiro.Assuming that Tanzhi Lang could not live to be 25 years old, then if Shanai could get out after tanzhi Lang died, she could still remarry at her prime age.1. If Chanel would marry no one but Tantric, then there would be no tantric.She is also the result of a lifelong unmarried person.If I had to say he died after marrying Shanajo and having a couple of kids.But I think these are the special factors that give Tanjiro some chance of surviving.Then let’s say that if Tanji lang really died at the age of 25, he and Shanai married is there.Selfishness is not for others to say.Tan Zhi Lang’s choice is selfish or not selfish, it depends on shannon’s own willingness.If not willing, that charcoal lang is the fate of a second life, that is also a strong rob women.And if fragrant nai is willing to oneself, that charcoal zhi Lang why to selfish say?So, is Chanel happy?Tanzhilang’s father was sickly and died young.Charcoal rule lang was originally brought up in such a family background.But his family is happy, his husband and wife love each other, and his children are educated very well.His mother had already told him that it would be a happy thing to marry the man he liked, even if he did not live that long.The ephemeral meteor was once a star.You know, in childhood, under the negative influence of the outside world, Shannon’s heartstrings were completely broken.No idea, no purpose, no self.The decision to flip a coin just keeps Shannon from falling apart.And there’s a good chance chanel will live like this forever.So who strung the strings?It was Tanji-lang, who told Shanao-hu in a simple and direct way that coins would listen to you if you wanted to.To put it bluntly: Hold your heart.Xiangnai Hui sister and endure sister have not been able to do things, charcoal lang did.It is obvious what a great tree such a seed could grow into in the heart of such a maiden.So it’s normal for Kaanaihu to fall in love with Tanji.+ and at the same time, beans is younger sister or ghost, need charcoal to look for lang to change back to people’s way;The pig and good escape each have their own childish, need charcoal to lang captain’s role.Purgatory eldest brother sacrifice, yu Pulp two elder brother seriously disabled.Brother Yiyong is a facial paralysis has not been hated consciously… You will find that the kind of company that does not cause a little burden and responsibility is actually from the silent guard beside Tanzhi Lang Xiangnaihu.The first injury has shanai help him to do recovery training.The second serious injury was taken care of directly by Shanai.In the final battle, Tanji Lang saved Kaanaihu from a fatal blow.And when the charcoal rule lang was no miserable into the ghost king, is also xiangnaihu is fighting the eye blindness into the vital that a dose of medicine into his body.These two people have saved each other’s lives, but also have spiritual comfort.They two to each other’s fetters have long been imprinted in the blood and heart, their love in addition to affection, there are fighting side by side trust, determination to overcome difficulties together as well as the relief of victory.Isn’t it ridiculous to question such a love with such mundane things as life and death, marriage and children?And in fact, under the ghostbuster’s worldview, Tanjiroo has lived longer than most ghostbusters by the age of 25.Lord house fu Yao zai died in the age of 23 years old, his wife died with two daughters.The insect column butterfly died at the age of 18.He was 20 years old when he died in battle.Xia Zhu when fully no lang died at the age of 14.Love column ganlu temple honey glaze died in age 19 years old.Snake pillar Ihei Banet died at the age of 21.Rock pillar mournful island travel dead age 27 years old.With the exception of The rock pillar, most people die young before the age of 25.The ordinary people in this world, at any time are likely to become the ghost under the ghost, die in a violent way.Tanjiro was able to live happily and safely in a peaceful world for ten sweet years with Chanel, already happier than most of his compatriots.Sweet nai, on the other hand, almost with carbon (are two of a kind, in her understanding of carbon (physical condition is still under the premise of choice and he together, that something is more important than life between two people, take a step back, after 10 years of peace and the development of science and technology, markings, maybe already no longer is a problem of limited life, for life is perhaps two people happy,In short, their love together is not selfish performance, but rather a precious experience.By the end of the series, Shannon has already begun to become a doctor, who regularly checks up for Charcoal.Considering that she worked with Ninju on the drug, ninju must have told Kanajo about the cost of the stripes’ longevity (it’s a shame that ninju still died in battle without stripes) and she must have thought about curing Tanjiro at that time.During the Taisho period, Japanese medicine was already among the best in Asia, far less than during the Warring States period, when average life expectancy was less than 50 years.With the financial support of the house, it can absorb advanced medical experience and drugs from Europe and America.Therefore, when Xiangnaihu proposed to marry charcoal zhi Lang, he would certainly say that he guaranteed to cure charcoal Zhi Lang, and finally persuaded him to marry him.205 words, charcoal rule Lang’s grandson daughter-in-law, that is, charcoal Yan grandma mentioned great-great-grandfather killed ghost story, completely did not mention great-great-grandfather died early.All the crocodile formula books, the descendants of the information is extremely detailed, but does not mention the ultimate life of carbon, clearly intended to be open.Tan Zhilang’s spot was originally just a burn scar, but it became a spot exactly the same as the edge. It is likely that the sun’s breathing is more perfect.Congenital with the edge of the stripes may be because of the grasp of breathing since childhood, to adapt to the stripes, but longevity.Tanjiro could have done the same thing.In this cruel world we choose to believe in hope.This is the last bit of mercy the crocodile has left us.

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