Houma city, the star city of China

The author;Li Xiang There was a city in China with a small area and a small population.Maps are hard to find. They’re famous.Houma City, Shanxi Province, the scenery is really good.City greening, ranking it first, double support model city, every year it won the championship.National Garden City, it is famous on the list.National health city, evaluation year after year.The park is beautiful and green everywhere.Xintian Square, Cheng Wang Park show.Peng Zhen former residence is good, red tourist destination.Every piece of jin state museum is a treasure.There are many clothing malls, and Xingang is the leader.Engage in external wholesale, exported to Asia, Africa and Latin America.Engage in internal retail, convenient for you and me.The most developed traffic, railway criss-crossing.High-speed access quartet, north and south even aviation.If you want to enter and exit, customs it also has.Goods sold overseas, the way to show magic.Former dry wharf, now land and sea port.Agriculture is booming and industry is doing well.Former arms factories are now reforming.Wind and thunder casting fine, pingyang machinery is good.State ironmaking busy, li constant furnace fire.The earth is more clever, out of the great.The Duke of Wen said that the jin dynasty was in Xintian.State elder statesman, Peng Zhen left fame.Famous singer, Tan Jing is famous.Liu Cong female singer, singing red za Shanxi.I want to promote our hometown, too.Although the culture is not high, the level is limited.Full of enthusiasm, full of work and strength.You and I love home, come to sing praise.In the spring of 2016, Li Xiangquan wrote in Houma New Port.Brief introduction of the author;My name is Li Xiangquan, male, han nationality, 59 years old, born on October 25, 1962. I am working in fenghao Children’s clothing shop on the third floor of C Courtyard in Houma New Port. I like writing poems and playing poems and other positive literary works.Native place, Ji Xu village, Quwo County, Shanxi Province.Now live, Houma City civilization road Wen Xinyuan Near the square.

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