No chance to defend the title but round mother wish!Wu Dajing confirmed personally affected, Wang Meng angry huang Daxian

Wu dajing, the world and Olympic record holder in the men’s 500-meter short track speed skating event, missed the final of group A, which was really hard to accept.After the game, Wu Dajing confirmed that he was affected by the other side in the game, admitted that in order to avoid Hwang Daheon’s skate, deliberately slow down.As a result, he was overtaken by the Kazakh player behind, and finally failed to advance to the third group.The men’s 500-meter short track speed skating semifinal at the Winter Olympics has drawn much attention from Chinese netizens.China’s Ren Ziwei and Sun Long had already been eliminated in the quarter-finals.Wu, China’s only young seed in this event, was drawn into the second group in the semifinals along with Huang Daheon, Dubois, Azigaliyev and Liu Shaoyang.The first shot, Hwang dae-hun false start foul.On the penultimate lap of the second shot, Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea overshot dubois from the inside and pulled him out.But that is not the point. What is important is that Hwang deliberately raised his right leg to keep his balance before his debut, while Wu Dajing was speeding up to overtake him.Facing the front of the bright ice blade, Wu Dajing in order to safety, the final choice to slow down to avoid, it is this accident, eventually led to his speed was greatly affected, and was finally taken the second place by the Kazakh players.For their choice, Wu Dajing can say that there is no regret, although leave regret without gold medal, but at least round his mother wish.In an interview with the media, Wu dajing’s mother said: “Over the past ten years, Wu Dajing has not been able to reunite with his family every Spring Festival. She does not know how many sports her son will participate in this Winter Olympics, but her only hope is that her son is safe.Now, Wu Dajing finally returned safely, although some thrilling.In an interview with the media after the game, Wu Dajing himself confirmed that he was greatly affected by the ice blade: “It’s a pity that I gave up the speed and went skating.”As the commentator of this project, world champion Wang Meng was once again angry, criticizing Hwang: “Dajing was disturbed at that position.Hwang dae-heon raised his heel and his knife.His move was too dangerous. If He had coasted normally, He would have kicked his skate.If Dajing does not hide, there will be a danger of injury.”In the end, Hwang was ejected for A foul and missed the next match, while Wu dajing was also affected and missed the group A final.The gold medal went to Liu Shaoang of Hungary.In addition, Hwang Dae-heon won the gold medal in the 1,500 meters, confirming rumors that Korea and Hungary are cooperating.For Wu Dajing, although the gold medal, but he did not have too much regret.Although his rivals took away his gold medal, they didn’t take away his record.At present, the world record and Olympic record of 500 meters still belong to him, with 39.505 and 39.584 respectively.Wu Dajing is still the first person in the short track 500 meters!

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