Real Mallorca vs Athletic Bilbao: poor fan management may be the cause of la Liga’s downfall

Mallorca in August, more meat filled the air of faint scent, the olive tree in the breeze, enjoy the soft sunshine, fragrance diffuses in each corner of the island, romantic hover in the fields of lilies in full bloom, the warm Mediterranean monsoon blow to the emerald city along the coast, leaving Corsica through countless tunnel here.In national each city will have a belongs to own basic zhongshan road and jiefang road, like Kansas in the United States also has a Moscow town, there is also a city of Waterloo, Canada romantic Paris is located in the lone star state of Texas, at the home of the Memphis grizzlies in Egypt, could have been on the island of mallorca’s most famous city called parma, that’s right,It’s parma, the same name as Parma in Italy.As early as Roman times, mallorca was a bustling city. The war between Carthaginians and Romans did not reach mallorca. Mallorca became a refuge for countless war refugees.Civilization collisions will also stimulate the development of the civilization, when Arab wielding a machete occupied here, also brought the city flourishing development, and with the arrival of the aragonese, gothic architecture has become the mainstream, in one thousand to a variety of cultural collision formed parma, today we saw here with Arab straightforward, with the enthusiasm of the italians,With its Spanish romance and carefree nature, this is a city you will never want to return to.The 23,142-capacity Iberia Planet stadium has been packed out no more than 30 times since it was built, and the island’s people don’t seem to like football that much, partly because of the club’s poor operation.Does not seem just real mallorca, Spain most of the clubs are not mind matchday operations, the league average attendance always hovers around 75%, and the number for the Peabody and Barcelona club nature is easily more than, but for the real mallorca or getafe this team is very hard to.Barcelona, real Madrid and finish the membership of this club, they have more than membership number, every game is only about five percent of tickets sold to non-members fans, this situation often happen in seville and atletico Madrid, thanks to this a few big club good fan operation system, their attendance is not bad, but not just good.Barcelona, for example, have an attendance rate of around 80 per cent, a figure that would be unthinkable in Germany or England.La Liga’s official ticketing website said: “Clubs do not care about fans, they will only consider raising ticket prices when they do not have enough money, which is likely to discourage fans from attending matches and reduce their income.”And some teams deliberately set retail ticket prices high and then internally discount members.Getafe is a good example. In 2004, the price of a season ticket was between 200 and 380. At that time, the club’s membership was 13,000 and getafe’s stadium capacity was 13,500.Later, the club expanded the stadium capacity to 17,500 and raised the price of season tickets to 360 to 580 in order to recoup the cost of building the stadium.Fewer than 9,000 people attended each game after the price hike.And getafe, mallorca is the opposite of a typical example, the former club Englishman Paul Davidson just took over mallorca at 08 year financial crisis, has for three consecutive years raise season ticket prices, also let the team attendance fall down again, even if the team to replace the boss didn’t also can save the attendance again, before the outbreak, mallorca attendance has dropped below seventy percent.The inhabitants of the island seems to be the team torn, whether it’s performance and operation, the fans are not in heart, no fan base team reached the summit doomed, so the club’s destruction is inevitable, they even once fell to a third league, nearly 10 years, just spent three years in la liga, and looks for the season,A downgrade, it seems, is not far off.The cause of the outbreak add to the team this is not rich’s finances, return to la liga this season, the club only gives a transfer budget of 500000, depending on the season to sell cloth mill and hristo schaefer, the 9 million transfer fee of spring to fill a few players, but overall, the team still play the Spanish team in the west of b in,Currently only three points clear of the relegation zone, although there are two games less, but the lack of matches does not mean anything, mallorca is still under great pressure to avoid relegation.A home victory over relegation rivals Cadiz in the last round brought the team out of a four-game losing slump, giving them a reprieve and a boost to morale.Home has always been a real mallorca grab the key, season the team received a total of 23 league points, including home grabbed 15 points, although winning percentage is less than thirty percent, but a draw as much as sixty percent, mallorca’s ability to compete at home, including sevilla, valencia and villarreal, many teams,Couldn’t get a deal on the Iberian Planet, and the team was terrific at home.Against Biba, mallorca are an absolute underdog in their history as they have not beaten biba in nine games in a row, losing seven of them.On the other hand, mallorca’s record at home to Biba in the league has been nothing short of impressive, winning twice and losing once against biba five times since the start of the decade.The last time mallorca were relegated, they drew at home to Biba in the 19-20 season.So while biba have been on a tear recently, knocking out Real Madrid and Barcelona in successive cup competitions, unbeaten in their last five games and losing only once to Real Madrid since the start of the year, they are absolutely at their peak, they are not taking any advantage of the numbers.The numbers reflect the fundamentals of both sides. Behind bibadasan’s concession is the team’s hectic schedule, which has seen them play ten full games since January, including a trip to Saudi Arabia for the Spanish Super Cup.In their last copa del Rey draw at home to valencia, biba were already on the verge of collapse as they conceded a goal and a man ahead.With only four days between the two matches, biba’s players will not be able to get enough rest, so the Basque lions will still be dragging their tired bodies to Mallorca.Under the condition of the past record is not at a disadvantage, Peabody players suffered another energy crisis, the most important thing is, at the home of mallorca real power is not weak, so the game digital shallow concession is not without reason, is the fundamental reality, based on this consideration, personal point of view, the game appears the probability of a shock is not small,Real Mallorca are not without opportunities to snatch points at home.I’m still considering which of the two options to choose, cold and big cold. Later I will make a choice and put it in the rural old four. If you are interested, you can go and have a look, or communicate in the comments section.

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