The African Union holds its 35th summit

The 35th African Union Summit was held in Ethiopia on February 5-6. African heads of state or representatives gathered at the AU headquarters, including Tanzanian Vice President Mpango, to discuss military coups, COVID-19 response and economic recovery.On the issue of military coups, the AU Peace and Security Council has suspended the membership of four countries including Burkina Faso since 2021 due to unconstitutional regime changes. The summit will discuss how to actively respond to factors that may lead to coups.Outbreak of the new champions league issues, Africa, according to data from the centers for disease control and prevention in Africa outbreak slow pace, there are only 11% of the population to complete the vaccination, the au commission chairman lafarge, points out that Africa lack of effective vaccine promotion mechanism, improve the demand of the health system is extremely urgent, some countries called for vaccination and government subsidies.On economic recovery, the African Development Bank said that at least $154 billion is needed to effectively respond to the impact of COVID-19. The African Continental Free Trade Area has made some progress, but it still falls far short of the goal of regional integration, and all parties should provide more policy facilitation.Source: Economic and Commercial Section, Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania

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