Are electrons positive or negative?

Electrons have a negative charge.1. As an electron moves towards the positive pole in an electric field, we can conclude that it has a negative charge.It happens that the charge of an electron is the same as the charge of a proton, but it’s electrically opposite.In other words, electrons have a negative charge and protons have a positive charge.2, the substance is composed of molecules, molecules are composed of atoms, atoms are composed of nuclei and electrons outside the nucleus, the nucleus has a positive charge, the electrons outside the nucleus have a negative charge, the amount of electricity is equal, the electricity is opposite, and the external electricity is not clear.The outer nucleus electrons travel at high speed and in stages around the nucleus.The nucleus is said to have the power to bind external electrons.The nucleus is made up of protons, which have a positive charge, and neutrons, which have no charge.3. When different objects rub against each other, due to the different binding ability of the nucleus to the electron outside the nucleus, the binding ability is strong, which is easy to obtain the electron with excess negative charge when rubbing against each other;Weakly bound things lose their electrons and tend to have extra charges.For example, in the “directional movement of charge” defined as an electric current, charge refers mostly to electrons, but sometimes also to ions (electrically charged atoms or groups of atoms).

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