If I had a patio room, I would also split the space in two to optimize the layout and achieve a dual-function room

People say, buy patio house is a loss or profit?Want me to say, absolutely earned, outfit method thousands of millions, suit oneself home is optimal outfit method, if I have a courtyard room, absolutely divide the courtyard space into two parts, optimize layout, subdivision realizes double function room, 1 courtyard can let the house increase two rooms in vain!How does the patio differ from other functional areas?The biggest difference is that it does not have a ceiling top surface, directly connected to the outdoors, is the home of the open air, decoration, you have to take into account waterproof, season, climate and other effects, more trouble, this is also the reason why many owners do not want to start patio room.However, if you want the patio to be divided into two parts, the area of the patio can not be small, if less than 10 square meters, it is not recommended to do subdivision layout, more than 10 square meters in two really sweet.The patio is divided into two parts: one is a glass conservatory and the other is a free activity area.Although the patio is directly connected to the outdoors, it can improve indoor lighting and ventilation conditions, but in summer exposure, rain and snow weather, I wanted to simply seal the roof to save trouble!Before it was divided into two parts, several transverse beams were installed on the top of the patio, embedded with glass panels, so that there was no need to be afraid of the storm outside.Divide according to the area into two, depend on external wall that side, on 3 sides surround toughened glass, do glass door in the middle empty, laid ground of other half space besides, do not do other adornment.Vitreous room can plant flowers and plants, as his exclusive greenhouse, the four seasons are not afraid of flowers and plants wither.This is thanks to the enclosed glass room, which is still warm in the cold winter, like a greenhouse, providing the right temperature for plants and flowers.Plant flowers and grass in the glass room, realize centralized planting, easy to manage, become a unique indoor functional area.The other half of the space, do not do other decoration, can be flexibly used, for example, can be used as a family leisure area, move to leisure chair can be, after dinner, put empty here, chat with the family, enjoy a pleasant time.Or can be used as a restaurant area, just the top of the sun straight into, bright, dining here, the mood will follow to relax, home to more people can sit down.Or this half of the space does nothing, as a walking area, a large range of activities, so that the freedom of space in the home has been greatly enhanced.The patio is divided into two parts: one half as a multifunctional recreation area, the other half as a stairway area.This kind of layout is installed law also very practical, stair is done here “shift”, stair is designed in courtyard place, just used space of chicken ribs, release stair well space before, do it to use additionally, let house space integrity spend taller, convenient layout is decorated.You can choose hanging stairs or cast-in-place stairs for safety and stability.The other half can be planted as a recreational garden area;Or move to chair, table, as a leisure area;Or dig a fish pool, swimming pool (from the construction of houses, villas), add a patio fish pool, swimming pool, add ornamental and swimming functions.(Picture from Internet)

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