Is it useful to have beautiful pictures at home in order to have beautiful babies?

Someone said: “The appearance of the child inherited from their parents, this thing is probably hard to change.”When a young couple found out they were pregnant, they bought lots of beautiful paintings and big pictures of movie stars and put them on the walls of their home.Looking at the beautiful paintings, the husband said to his wife, “Look at them every day in the future. Don’t believe that the baby in the belly is not beautiful.”Is there any scientific reason for the husband’s move?Is it true?”I said: “The husband’s approach is reasonable, this is a kind of visual fetal education.”Visual fetal education?”The word seemed strange to everyone.Visual fetal education is the use of light and other visual stimulation, for the fetus to expand the visual ability of fetal education.Generally speaking, you can through the painting appreciation process, for the fetus to explain the knowledge of painting, visual fetal education can not only make the fetus by good artistic influence, but also can enhance the aesthetic feeling of the expectant mother, relieve tension.”In fact, fetal education in addition to listening to fetal education music also includes vision research found that the fetus in the visual stimulation will also have a significant impact on its mood.Human vision, by contrast, requires extremely complex functions to support it, and until birth, the fetus is not fully equipped with these functions.Children have to be eight years old to acquire the same visual ability as adults.A fetus in its belly can only distinguish between light and dark, and its production of melatonin drops when it sees bright objects and rises when it sees dim objects.This gives the fetus the instinct to distinguish between light and dark in the outside world.The fetus begins to respond to external light after the seventh month of pregnancy.Therefore, when visual fetal education is carried out, it is best to carry out after seven months, while viewing the painting, a certain description can also enhance the stimulation effect.A baby’s brain develops quickly when it feels something, and a full range of stimulation is most effective.The first sense of the role of color in fetal education is vision, and the biggest impact on vision is color.At first look, colour seems normal, but careful one ponder, have knowledge greatly however among them.Color can affect the person’s spirit and mood, it as a kind of external stimulation, can pass the person’s vision to produce the result of different feeling, give a person with some kind of spiritual effect.Accordingly, comfortable still is depressing on spirit, having direct relation with colorific inspect feeling.Can say.Uncomfortable colour is like noise, make the person feels agitated, and the colour that looks pleasing to the eye is a kind of beautiful enjoyment.According to this reason, relatively speaking, expectant mothers because of hormonal changes in the body, often impatient, mood swings, therefore, have to contact a little more consciously slant cold color, wait like green, blue, white, for emotional stability, keep quiet indifferent antenatal mood, let the belly of the fetus in peace and healthy growth.Unfavorable contact red, black wait for color more, lest produce be agitated, fear wait for undesirable psychology, affect fetal growth development.Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this problem when decorating your home during pregnancy, choosing daily necessities and traveling at home.Whether it is real scenery or photos, as long as it can make the expectant mother calm and stimulate the interest of appreciation, it can be called the best material for visual fetal education, can stimulate the development of the fetus in many ways.

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