Romelu Lukaku struggled but mattered, the blues were mediocre up front and Tuchel’s tactics were at their limit

Luca, library is now in the car too struggle, he is not fit to the single arrows, you let him when standing pile, protection center really won’t play his role, luca library looks positive, practical running is not very clever, if he can sometimes take the initiative to retreat ball attract defender pulled out the middle gap teammates have a plug in or shot space, it could be a tactical problem,But it’s more a question of his own ability to read the game.But lukaku’s presence is vital for Chelsea’s wingers, as well as their two strikers, to stretch the space and push the defence.Lukaku played in pulisic’s unaccustomed position, exposing all his weaknesses, leaving his body unchallenged, fumbling passes, making mistakes, and pulisic missing passes and passing.Then out of nowhere in the middle, I don’t know what his relationship with Tuchel is, because he could play the whole game like that.Pulicic Hafts did not pass anyone, did not threaten to pass and did not create the game.The only thing he does better than Lukaku on the pitch is that you see him a lot. Keira can’t play, he really can’t play, he really doesn’t use his skills when he plays, he can’t carry people, he’s easy to lose, and Zieh can’t even score the final goal to hide the fact that he can’t be creative up front.Havertschieh has been in good form recently, with the scimitar last time and the goal now, sometimes you really need a player who can come up with an idea, and if it wasn’t for the injury wave, Arsenal and Manchester united wouldn’t be chasing him.Suddenly tuchel’s offensive routine is really boring, monotonous and totally depends on the defense and the player’s inspiration.I could only play in the cup.Much like united in the Bird era, the attack now seems to be going in circles.JiYe Hector

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