“Welcome the Winter Olympics together to the future” Network exhibition of folk paper cutting works of Mentougou District Literary federation

Paper-cutting is a kind of folk art of cutting patterns on paper with scissors or a carving knife, which is used to decorate life or cooperate with other folk activities.In China, paper cutting has a broad mass base and blends into the social life of people of all ethnic groups. It is an important part of various folk activities.Its continuous visual image and form contains rich cultural and historical information, expresses the social cognition, moral concept, practical experience, life ideal and aesthetic taste of the masses, and has multiple social values such as cognition, enlightenment, ideation, emotion, entertainment and communication.Although the art of paper cutting comes from the people, it has become a national art in the Qing Dynasty. Since its birth, it has not been interrupted in Chinese history.It is enriched in various folk activities and is one of the art forms with the richest connotation of Chinese folk history and culture.As the Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, is approaching, the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics will also be grand opening.In order to further promote the Olympic spirit and developing Chinese excellent traditional culture fusion, more widely mobilize the social from all walks of life pay attention to the games, participate in the games and power games, build the whole society celebrates its thick atmosphere of winter of Beijing Olympics, paralympics, area federation actively organize area folk artists around the Olympic spirit and the games theme creation,The paper cutting works of folk handicrafts are integrated with the Beijing Winter Olympics and ice and snow sports to show the outstanding characteristics and unique charm of ice and snow sports and ice and snow culture with the unique expression techniques of Chinese art.Paper-cut works show as follows: author: huei-fang wang “snow ice mound mound and taking the” author: huei-fang wang “the year of the tiger meet the games” author: Chen Liangjing snow curling author: Chen Liangjing “Olympic athletes” author: Chen Liangjing “leap forward” author: huei-fang wang let snow melt together into the future, “the author: hui-ling wang” clean “author: hui-ling wang” passion games “author:Wang Huiling, “I Love You China” by Wang Huiling, “Bing Dwen Dwen welcomes the Winter Olympics” by Wang Huifang, “Bing Dwen Dwen Together for the Future”

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