Xianning city the latest property market data released in January, urban housing sales 1,140 sets

Xiangcheng City Daily news (reporter Huang Lanfen) a few days ago, the city housing bureau announced on the official website, the city real estate the latest supply and transaction situation.In January, the city approved the pre-sale of 1,098 commercial housing, commercial housing sales of 1,140 units.In January, the city’s urban commercial housing approved pre-sale area of 149,300 square meters, down 43% year on year.Among them, the approved pre-sale area of commercial housing is 139,900 square meters, down 41% year-on-year.In January, the city of urban commercial housing approval pre-sale 1249 sets, including commercial housing approval pre-sale 1098 sets.In January, xianning city real estate commercial and residential development land supply for 0.In January, the urban commercial housing sales area of 143,500 square meters, down 23% year on year.The sales area of commercial housing was 130,300 square meters, down 24% year on year.Second-hand housing sales area of 46,100 square meters, down 20 percent year-on-year.In January, 1,237 commercial houses were sold in the city, of which 1,140 were sold.By the end of January, the inventory of 12,348 commercial housing units in the urban area of The city, with an inventory area of 1,297,700 square meters, was reduced in 9.76 months, with a sequential increase of 1.27 months.

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