From passive to active, the “spring breeze action” in the medical insurance field of Marquis Wu in Chengdu has consolidated the rights and interests of the masses

March 17, China net (Fan Hui) to ensure that the “spring breeze action” good steps, a good bureau, March 15, Chengdu Wuhou district medical insurance field “spring breeze action” launch and training held online.Leaders in charge of Wuhou District Medical Insurance Bureau and related department heads, appointed medical institutions and long-term insurance agreement care institutions (hereinafter referred to as the two types of institutions) and responsible persons of medical insurance office attended the meeting.The meeting conveyed the spirit of the “Spring Breeze Action” meeting in the medical insurance field of Chengdu, introduced the background and purpose of this year’s “spring breeze Action”, and carried out the work deployment of “spring breeze Action”.The meeting stressed that the two types of institutions in the region should improve their understanding, change traditional concepts, firmly establish a sense of law and discipline, and at the same time learn and understand policies, establish incentive and restraint mechanisms for systematic self-examination and self-correction, jointly safeguard the safety of medical insurance funds, and protect people’s “lifesaving money”.In addition, the meeting required the two types of institutions to take the “Spring Breeze Action” as the starting point and foothold to realize the transformation from passively observing rules and regulations to actively strengthening the rule of law management, better adapt to the requirements of medical insurance supervision, and promote the healthy development of enterprises.”One is to strengthen the organization and fulfill responsibilities;Second, strengthen learning and implement training;Third, strict self-examination and rectification.Make sure your self-examination is not compromised, blind spots, and formalities.”The meeting stressed that the two types of institutions should attach great importance to the “Spring Breeze Action”, earnestly implement the main responsibility of self-management, coordinate and promote the “spring Breeze Action”, and do a good job in training and self-examination and correction.Internal training should be carefully organized. After accurately grasping the connotation of the negative list, the problems should be thoroughly understood and the sticking points identified to lay a solid foundation for self-examination and self-correction.In comprehensive improvement, the two types of institutions should strictly for marking on the table, according to the regulations on the supervision and administration of medical insurance fund use the ChengDeMei endowment health care medical establishment that decide a dot service agreement “chengdu long-term care insurance agreement care institutions” relevant provision, with “blade inward” determination, solid thorough development of self-check, pays special attention to the implementation of the problem is corrected.

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