Net friend captures bag “zombie campus” NG screen, unexpectedly has the zombie snicker to the lens?

NETFLIX’s popular South Korean drama Zombie Campus has been watched by 124.79 million viewers, beating another hit drama Squid Game.Recently, however, eagle-eyed netizens found one of the “small NG” clips, which is actually a zombie in the show laughing?Also let a lot of people jokingly say that looks like “zombie campus” can be renamed “zombie laugh garden”.(The following content has a slight thunder, please consider the reading) Net friend captures bag “zombie campus” NG fragment, surprised to see the zombie actually in the laughter?!Zombie Campus tells the story of the rapid spread of a terrible zombie virus in the campus, and triggered a series of scary scenes like the end of the day.However, it should have been full of bloody and nervous zombies chasing living people, but there are sharp-eyed netizens found a scene to make people laugh to the “NG segment”!Originally in the play has a zombie be unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the sound of the group to pursue to the playground, the images from the air brush teeth were bared on the ground of the zombies, zombie thought that one of the women play don’t know whether I was right in the serious zombies to laugh, or want to smile, even in a vote ferocious zombie bright smile,Also let a lot of net friends laugh really change zombie “laugh” garden!A classic scene in Zombie School:Eagle-eyed Netizens Find Something Strange:A happy female zombie is smiling at the camera.Instantly turning a scary zombie movie into a school comedy with a whole familyWhat do you think after watching the “laughing zombie” spotted by netizens?Please share with us in the comments section of this article!

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