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Qingming Festival is a traditional festival to remember ancestors and pay respects to the dead.Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, many places have suspended on-site memorial activities, and have launched free memorial services and online platforms for memorial services to facilitate people’s mourning.On the first day of the holiday, 6.95 million people were visited online, 275.7 percent more than the same period last year.Standing, lighting incense wax, reciting memorial offerings, remembering the dead…On April 1, the second funeral home in Tianjin held a mass festival for qingming Festival 2022.More than 30 staff dressed in solemn, sent to mourn for the dead.In March, Tianjin issued a notice that funeral homes, cemeteries, urns and other funeral services should stop providing on-site worship services.In order to make it convenient for citizens to express their grief, tianjin municipal funeral service units actively carry out surrogate offering activities to provide heart-warming services for the masses.Xue Lixia, head of the business division of the second funeral home in Tianjin, said, “The second funeral home held collective sacrificial activities, while launching free sacrificial services for the public.So far, more than 100 people have made reservations by phone.The free service includes flowers, memorial messages and other links, and video recording to make up for the public’s regret of not being able to attend.Staff from the Nanchang Funeral Service Center place flowers in front of each tomb during the tomb sweeping Festival 2022 in Nanchang, East China’s Jiangxi province, April 1, 2019.Affected by the epidemic, The city of Nanchang suspended on-site activities for this year’s Tomb-sweeping day, and various counties and districts have started the activities on behalf of the Tomb-sweeping Day. Many Party cadres and volunteers have taken the initiative to assume the responsibility for the activities.”According to statistics, there were more than 5,000 tombs in Yingshang cemetery, commercial cemeteries, urban and rural public cemeteries (urns) and historical burial sites, and we prepared more than 400,000 flowers to offer them.”Nanchang civil affairs bureau funeral management section chief Zhou Jing said.April 2, Nanchang citizen Zhang Jun opened the “Nanchang Civil Affairs Release” wechat public account, entered the “memorial space” to leave a message of remembrance.”Every qingming Festival, I have to sweep grandma’s grave, this year I use ‘cloud worship’ way, can also place the grief of grandma.”Handsome said.”Since its launch in 2020, the online memorial service has attracted 340,000 visitors, comforting many bereaved families.”Nanchang funeral service center office director Ye Song said.In Haishu District, Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, since March, a mailbox has been set up at a local cemetery, where people can send paper letters of condolences or scan a QR code to “send” their memories.Zhou Yongjiu, deputy director of Haishu District Civil Affairs Bureau, said, “The current situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complicated. Protecting one’s own health is the biggest responsibility for the family and society and the best comfort for the deceased.The cloud can also be used to pass on thoughts.Looking through the E-mail address of the Haishu District cemetery, I was moved by the plain and unadorned words.”Grandmother, since childhood is your hand will I brought up, I care in every possible way, you are in heaven?””Mom, sometimes you appear in my dreams, I miss you so much!”…Invisible writing paper sustents the deep affection, but also makes the way of mourning more civilized.According to the report, in addition to delivering letters, local residents can also carry out online memorial service through the wechat public account of ningbo Civil Affairs.By inputting the name of the deceased, the address of a mausoleum or rest house and other information, a prayer hall can be set up for them, presenting them with a bouquet of flowers and lighting a lamp to express their thoughts.Source economic Daily editor Duan Lanqian editor Min Jieyang Tao

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