On the third day of the Chinese New Year, Jim arrived in Toronto by China Southern Airlines

On the third day of the Chinese New Year holiday, Jim, a student at McMaster University, set off for Toronto to start his offline study in February!What is the specific situation?Is there any reminder for departure formalities?Is nucleic acid testing necessary for entry?What are the changes in visa renewal?Let’s have a look at the share of the senior:—————— Hello everyone, I am Jim, an undergraduate student in McMaster University. During the epidemic last year, I came back to China for online study. However, in February this year, the university informed us that we need to go back to Canada for offline study, and I still have to go back to Canada to prepare for my graduate application next year.I have arranged flight CZ311 from Guangzhou to Toronto departing from Nanhai on February 3rd.Last month, I have communicated with Director Chen several times about the policy of recent entry into Canada. For my situation, I need: vaccine certificate;72-hour nucleic acid certification;ArriveCAN;University information (such as an enrollment letter);Signed and received letters;And of course the passport with my latest visa affixed when I renewed my study visa in China.The check-in time in China will be much longer than before!It’s better to get to the gate early to check in, otherwise you’ll be miserable for a minute or two.Check-in counter is also relatively early open, 10 o ‘clock flight, said to be 7 o ‘clock to start handling, in fact, I arrived at 5 o ‘clock, have been able to do!Passport, vaccine proof and nucleic acid test results are all required for boarding passes.You can also scan the QR code to complete the health declaration when handling the boarding pass. The process is relatively simple. Please pay attention to the declaration in Chinese, not In English, or you will have to fill it out again.Security and customs checks are also strict, please be careful not to put anything with alcohol content in the suitcase, be careful!Another is if you like me to carry a large number of drugs have imported drugs, even if the spot to (haven’t been able to spot check, will soon after shall check the checked baggage, the staff will inform you in after the security check, if there is a need, person must have to go to customs to explain and cooperate with the inspection,If you forget this step, your luggage will be detained in China.The flight was almost full, so I took the extra money and chose this front row seat with legs: everyone was calm on the flight, probably on a domestic flight!Hot food and good service!Recommend China Southern airlines!Listen to the flight attendant said, this flight to Canada, return is no passengers!It was cold to wear less, but my kind parents and friends gave us this protective suit, so THAT I don’t have to worry about catching a cold. The weather in Guangzhou is also very cold recently, and the waiting room is even colder (even shivering!)..This reminds the students who have not gone abroad to wear more clothes, or go to the flight lounge to avoid catching a cold, after all, it is a sensitive period!Posting photos of our suits: The flight, in Canada, landed safely at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on February 3.Entering the terminal, I was tested for nucleic acid, so I was given this label on my passport.After going through the self-declaration procedures, I came to the immigration counter, where the official asked me routinely: Why do I come to Canada?I answered truthfully that I had come to study.He also casually asked me to read what major?I answered, handing over my reading certificate.He let it go!As a matter of fact, the official reads the documents carelessly. If your study permit has expired, he will focus more on your signing, receiving and enrollment letter (reading the enrollment letter).As for the quarantine plan, the vaccine certificate and the nucleic acid certificate on the Canadian side, my friend and I have not been checked.Next is to get my renewal visa, I was in line to the counter, without the help of director Chen introduced before (maybe people know that I am an “old” student).Here is also to submit the reading proof letter and the next sign letter, just ask, print the study sign to my hand!As usual soon get checked baggage, then go to nucleic acid testing point.The picture below shows nucleic acid registration sites and sampling sites in Canada.Anyone with a red code on their passport will be directed here after picking up their luggage.Before registering nucleic acid, you need to download a software, but I did not download it and directly registered my account through the QR code link.Give all your id information, phone number and address where you live in Canada.This is a sampling site for incoming nucleic acid testing. Not many people!After all this, I took a pre-arranged pick-up vehicle and went back to my residence. As required, I had to isolate myself at home until the nucleic acid results were obtained.(Of course, Before Posting, Jim added the latest information, the nucleic acid results have been negative.Finally, I would like to thank Director Chen and the kind parents for their help. They have provided a lot of necessary help for me and my friends. They are equipped with all kinds of disinfection and protective measures and protective equipment from top to bottom (masks, gloves, disinfecting tissues and protective clothing), which makes us feel relieved!Finally, we remind you that after we came to Canada, it is said that the epidemic situation in Canada is far more serious than the number reported by the current test. We should arrange our travel according to our own situation objectively and do a good job in protection!Good luck to you all!———————— Thanks for Jim’s fresh sharing, pay attention to protection!I wish you all good luck in the Year of the Tiger!Academic progress!

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