The solar terms | spring begins today, flow through them, understand the beauty of hangzhou four humanities

Today the beginning of spring, a new beginning, vientiane renewal.At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Hangzhou released the column of “Hangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Solar Terms” jointly with the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism. Please pay attention to it!From the perspective of “flowing” and “inheriting” Hangzhou intangible Cultural Heritage, we can experience the rich humanity of Hangzhou behind the circulation of solar terms and the changes of four seasons, appreciate the unique cultural beauty of Hangzhou, and explore the common spiritual memory of Hangzhou!Today spring photography/Zhou Ronglv less back to the age of late frost, spring to the vegetation on earth know business full sleep eyes, east wind, aqua green jagged looking forward, looking forward to the east to the spring footsteps get close the photography/Zhang Shengdong spring is an important part of the solar terms it is the first of the twenty-four solar terms is the starting point of the New Year is the beginning of a cycle stand, was also spring, ChunQi began to establish also winter spring,Yang and qi zhi revival, the product have spring photography/Lv Haibin spring begins and lovely, all things pass into the poem “the spring back to yan on the river, ruler, book title in the cloud” is a lush encounter “vegetation business move, GuanHe frozen cloud” is a warm message of “east wind blow may tip snow, night to save the world spring” is a good thing goes “spring spring back to unlimited spring,Today is the beginning of adult “is the motto of struggle photography/Zhang Shengdong of course,The beginning of Spring is just a spring in the sense of meteorological and there is still some distance from the weather after a period of time is still cold or warm to continue to do warm strengthen outdoor exercise to enhance their own immune capacity.Everything duck prophet “guangxing medicinal food is intangible representative projects of hangzhou” spring duck “is one of the specialty of its guangxing tonic sauce duck in addition to the ordinary sauce also joined in the sauce medicine edible Chinese herbal medicine such as spleen nerves of poria cocos spleen yiqi yam nourishing the liver bright eye of medlar this medicinal food in bamboo shoots fragrance crunchy duck with a pitch in his tender they measure very appropriateWith the effect of nourishing Yin and qi, spleen and stomach at home can also try to do oh spring warm duck ingredients: guangxing secret system nourishing sauce duck 1, spring bamboo shoots 250 grams of salt, sugar right amount of production process: 1.Cut and blanch the spring bamboo shoots; 2. Cut and steam the sauced duck until it is half cooked and put it on the spring bamboo shoots; 3.Steamed 40 minutes pig head pig head ancestor worship ancestor worship commonly known as “fu” also “” let every people is chunan county township caxa ZhuJia Village villagers most happy, the most solemn holiday village households with pig ancestors to pray to live and work in peace and contentment and award-winning ZhuJia Village pig race regardless of whether people are full of joy with your pig into the temple of ancestor worship ZhuJia Village” ancestor worship”In 2009, it was listed as the representative project of Hangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Beginning of Spring is our hope that this Spring Festival we can stop together, calm down and feel the beauty of Hangzhou intangible cultural Heritage with our fingertips.Materials/Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, Hangzhou Yongjiang, Hangzhou West Lake Scenic And Historic Area Management Committee (Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park Management Committee)

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