“Emergency alert” can be a crime at best, or death at worst!Don’t go for “high-paying jobs”!

Free charter flights, chauffeuring, and promises of “high-paying jobs” are likely to result in detention, beatings, and watering.Devastated.In recent years, lawless elements have made a great deal of false propaganda, falsely claiming that overseas is full of business opportunities, superior treatment, heaven on earth, to lure Chinese citizens into smuggling out of China.However, many citizens only find themselves engaged in illegal and criminal activities such as fraud, gambling and drug trafficking after leaving China. Their wealth and health are quickly swallowed up by pornography, gambling, drugs and fraud, and they even die overseas.Overseas is not your dream of paradise, credulous false propaganda, illegally smuggled out of the country, waiting for you will be the abyss of eternal fate!Yellow, gambling, drugs, guns, cheat……..Will destroy your wealth and health;Detention, kidnapping, beatings……..Let your body be destroyed, even pay the price of life!After I went to northern Myanmar, MY job was like this: “I worked 12 hours a day in two shifts. After work, I slept and started to work as soon as I opened my eyes. If I was lucky, I might have two days off every month.If you try to escape, you will be beaten and put in prison.”Some people who went to northern Myanmar said after returning: “NOW I am really relaxed, AND I am willing to accept the punishment of the public security organs. At least I know I have returned home and am safe.”Police tip: there is no free lunch, myanmar north heaven is not you think of the beautiful!Don’t covet a small gain while losing the overall situation!High salary recruitment, daily income, luxury……In front of these false advertisements from abroad, some people have been completely brainwashed and try their best to smuggle themselves out of the country and run towards their “paradise”…Is overseas really as beautiful as imagined?”Heaven” and “hell” are in fact in your mind!

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