In the Perfect Companion, he loved his family so much. Why was he alone when he fell ill?

The Perfect Partner is popular with its wonderful story and attractive people, and Lin qingkun is one of the most talked about characters.He always claimed he was doing everything for his family, but ended up losing his beloved wife and son, and was even alone when he fell ill with a severe stomach attack.Why on earth?When Lin Qingkun and Wu Min divorced, netizens applauded them. Wu Min still said, “Professional women’s tears are worth more than housewives’ tears” and Lin Qingkun, “I don’t know what you want on earth”. The whole world really hoped that they would separate as soon as possible.But after the real divorce, Lin Qingkun cried several times that he put his body to work for home, but finally no home.Lin Qingkun had a stomach problem, but Chen Shan took him in and Sun Lei took care of him. He didn’t even have a friend.Sun Lei’s words broke Lin Qingkun’s problem: “Jing Jing doesn’t want you to divorce with Wu Min is afraid of poverty?Think about what they want!”The story of the couple, after the divorce, only to see some understanding of each other.Wu Min looked on sister Wu You led a group of scientists to work all night, finally know, people busy is really not to answer the phone;Lin Qingkun also through a person to take care of jing jing, know these years his wife is not easy.After understanding each other, they can finally communicate calmly and say things like “You have worked hard, I know you have done everything for the good of your family”.The two people who always communicate with each other also learn to understand each other, which is really moving.Love this family, also don’t use self-righteous way, happy day of reunion, hope that people in the family listen to each other’s not easy, say the truth.

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