Li Xiang hand wearing pigeon egg diamond, millions of watches, send out girl feeling, after divorce state is better instead

Recently, Li Xiang released a new dynamic, and the caption: “fun.”In the video, she is wearing exaggerated special effects. Her facial features are tight and her skin is fair. Her round face is thin and her face is oval with the help of special effects.This time, Li Xiang dressed up in fur, temperament like a lady.But it was her accessories that drew the most attention, with a diamond the size of a pigeon’s egg shining on her hand and her delicate wrist watch being ripped off for a fortune.It is reported that the watch costs more than one million yuan and has been worn on several different occasions before.Some time ago, Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun’s divorce storm made a great deal of public uproar, the man repeatedly and different women in public intimacy, was instantly pushed into the public opinion.Later, Wang yuelun issued a statement saying that they had divorced, and wished his ex-wife a long life together.The words in Wang’s statement are also seen as a hint that his ex-wife has a new relationship.Shortly after the divorce, Li Xiang was photographed with a mysterious man.She was driving a black Land Rover with an unknown man in the passenger seat when she collided with another vehicle.Later, Li Xiang got out of the car to mediate, and the man did not show his face during the whole process.After the accident was handled, Li Xiang also raised her legs and placed them in front of the car, in a very leisurely state. The man accompanied her throughout the whole journey, and they looked very familiar.Contact Wang Yuelun before the article, netizens can not help but guess, Li Xiang’s love is him.Li Xiang became famous in the early years through hunan TV’s “Happy Camp” and formed an iron triangle relationship with He Jiong Wejia. She was loved by the audience because of the typhoon and became a well-known program host.In 2004, she had a whirlwind marriage to billionaire Li Houlin, but the marriage did not last long and they soon divorced.After the end of their first marriage, Li xiang met Wang Yuelun, and they soon married and had a daughter, Wang Shiling.After her marriage, she gradually shifted her career focus to behind the scenes, not only helping her husband make films, but also becoming an investor and producer.In just a few years, from the female host to complete the transformation of a strong woman, the price also began to soar.Unfortunately, while her career was perfect, her marriage was not.After repeatedly being rumored marriage change, and Wang Yuelun formally separate.However, with her ability and charm, I am sure she will meet someone better in the future!

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